TVUP SaaS TV platform reaches over 1 million subscribers

Friday, December 15th, 2023 
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TVUP’s SaaS TV platform reaches over 1M subscribers

  • TVUP’s main market makers (Tivify, Simpleplus and MundoGo!) growth has pushed the streaming platform to 1M subscribers

TVUP, the multitenant streaming platform developed by TVUP Streaming Media, will reach the end of 2023 with over one million subscribers. This milestone has been accomplished following the deployment of the service by the three first market makers that currently use TVUP’s technology to offer streaming TV services to their customers: Tivify in Spain, Simpleplus in Venezuela and Mundo Go! in Chile.

TVUP’s platform, with a monthly two-digit growth, consolidates its business model with a global solution that manages more than 500 TV channels, dozens of on-demand content catalogues and thousands of titles, to be enjoyed both live and on-demand.

The three services that use TVUP Streaming Media’s technology serve more than 20 millon video hours per month, that can be enjoyed by the customers together with advance functionality such as restart, catch-up and network PVR.

TVUP supports every kind of business model required by a modern streaming platform, form freemium distribution, with both free and paid plans, to the subscription to independent add-ons, that can be accessed inside the platform through in-app purchases.

Eudald Domènech, CEO and Service Architect with TVUP Streaming Media, is greatly satisfied by the recent milestones: “After five years of hard work, we own a versatile platform that adapts to every business model that our clients might want to offer to their customers. We have been able to deploy Mont Blanc, the latest version of our service, in less than six months. It costs up to three times less to similar products that can be found in the market nowadays”.

Francisco Sáez, Executive Director of Technology with TVUP Streaming Media: “Our goal has always been to offer a better experience to the customer by using the latest technologies, most of them developed and integrated by our own team of developers and engineers. We establish a close partnership with our B2B customers that goes beyond that of a traditional technology vendor from the telco industry”.

The deployment of TVUP in the three market-makers that use its technology has been a complete success, as mentioned by Renato Motta, CEO with Latam Stream Services, regarding Simpleplus’s lauch in Venezuela: “We needed to quickly reach the market with a state-of-the-art user interface without sacrificing service or functionality. TVUP was the perfect solution for our needs considering their extensive know-how, flexibility to adjust to local conditions, and previous experience with Tivify in Spain.”

Enrique Coulembier, CEO with the Chilean telecommunications operator Mundo, outlines: “With MundoGo! Mundo customers obtain the best experience possible today in terms of television consumption, taking advantage of the excellent features of our fiber. TVUP has been a fundamental piece to achieve this achievement.”

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