Simpletv launches Simpleplus platform in Venezuela with TVUP

Wednesday, July 12th, 2023 
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Simpletv allies with TVUP to launch Simpleplus, its new TV Everywhere platform in Venezuela

The TV provider Simpletv has announced the launch of its new TV Everywhere platform Simpleplus, a project completed in collaboration with TVUP Streaming Media. With this new streaming service, the Venezuelan TV provider will now be able to offer an advanced content consumption experience, with more than 100 channels, to their base of more than a million and a half subscribers.

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Simpleplus makes it easier to access Simpletv content from any device. The new service, that was developed with TVUP Streaming Media’s technology, guarantees an optimal experience thanks to all the advanced functions of the platform. Subscription clients will be able to rewatch broadcast programs, schedule recordings in the cloud, restart live streams, or skip and rewind content.

Simpleplus stands out for both its user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Subscribers have access to a guide that offers personalized suggestions and daily highlights of trending content from Venezuelan television. The new streaming service from Simpletv also includes a complete guide of streaming platforms, that can be used to easily access featured movies, TV shows, and programs from other streaming services with which they have partnerships, like Universal+, Paramount+ and Atresplayer.

The Simpleplus App can be downloaded from the main App stores intended for phone and tablet devices (Android, iOS). It is also available for Android TV devices, Google Chromecast and Fire TV. In addition, subscribers can enjoy all content in their web browser.

The alliance between Simpletv and TVUP Streaming Media is about to take TV consumption in Venezuela to the next level. On top of the advanced functions available and a new dial that includes the main TV channels according to the subscribed plan – which offers sports, cinema, TV shows, and entertainment programs – subscribers will be able to enjoy their favorite content with the best video quality anywhere.

Kathy Di Battista, COO of Simpletv: “With Simpleplus we continue to innovate. Our heart is set to improve the service and offer the best entertainment experience to our subscribers. TVUP has been the perfect ally and its technology key to achieve this milestone.”

Eudald Domènech, CEO of TVUP Streaming Media: “So far, Simpleplus is one of the best projects we’ve been part of, for both the clear vision of their responsible members to offer a world-class user experience, and their leadership tackling the transition that the audiovisual sector is going through. Users are now the king, and their platform must provide them with the most convenient way to access the best content on all their devices, while also preserving their privacy in the most competitive way possible.”

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