Verimatrix helps TiVi S.A. future proof its DVB-T2 service in Haiti

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013
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Haitian Operator Relies on VCAS for DVB to Enhance Revenue Security and Enable New Business Models

LAS VEGAS, NV — NAB Show 2013 — Verimatrix, the specialist in securing and enhancing revenue for multi-network, multi-screen digital TV services around the globe, today announced that TiVi S.A., has deployed the Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS™) for DVB to provide revenue security for its DVB terrestrial (DVB-T2), one-way network. VCAS’ ability to easily scale and expand to protect future services was a critical competitive differentiator for Verimatrix during the selection process, as was its state-of-the art smart card technology.

TiVi relies on VCAS for DVB to secure its linear content library and associated revenue for broadcast services over its DVB-T2 terrestrial broadcast-only network. DVB-T2 is the world’s most advanced digital terrestrial television (DTT) system, offering more robustness, flexibility and at least 50% more efficiency than any other DTT system, according to the DVB Project Office. It supports SD, HD, mobile TV, or any combination thereof. Since its publication in 1997, over 70 countries have deployed DVB-T services and 45 more have adopted it. Operators that utilize this well-established standard benefit from massive economies of scale and very low receiver prices. As with DVB-T, the new standard targets not just roof-top and set-top antennas, but also PCs, laptops, in-car receivers, radios, smartphones, dongles, and a whole range of other innovative receiving devices.

“Verimatrix offers a progressive approach to content security for DVB networks that provides us a cost-effective upgrade path for our network and our subscribers,” said Charles-Edouard Denis, founder and chief executive officer, TiVi. “As we continue to rapidly grow our subscriber base and launch new services, having such a scalable solution at the core of our offering will prove to be a significant competitive advantage for us.”

Ecuatronix served as the systems integrator for the project, which also features ATEME’s head-end video processing solutions, ATCi’s SIMULSAT dish technology, SIRA’s broadcast antennas and Axcera’s transmitters. The integrated solution serves as a solid foundation for TiVi as it continues to deploy its service offering.

“Operators around the globe are seizing the opportunities presented by deploying robust new revenue security solutions, such as VCAS for DVB,” aid Alvaro Cardenas, CTO, Ecuatronix USA, and master integrator for TiVi. “TiVi chose VCAS as a proven and scalable solution as it directly impacts an operator’s ability to expand its service offering and attract and retain new subscribers. We chose to partner with Verimatrix on this exciting deployment because we are confident that their team and their VCAS technology can help TiVi S.A. achieve its multi-screen goals of the future while also protecting its existing assets.”

VCAS for DVB is deployed by more than 100 operators around the world and has proven very resilient against piracy — to date no confirmed security breaches have been reported. This is the ideal foundation for operators such as TiVi that wish to avail themselves of best in class security for one-way networks while also preparing for a multi-screen future. The investment is thus protected as operators progress towards the connected future. The end result is the most optimal pay-TV solution that is ready to tackle any challenges, now and into the future.

“VCAS for DVB is an ideal foundation for TiVi as they prepare for a multi-screen future,” said Steve Oetegenn, chief sales and marketing officer, Verimatrix. “Our unique VCAS for DVB solution provides best-in-class conditional access for one-way networks, thereby helping TiVi protect its existing network investments while it prepares for the future and creates a competitive advantage.”

Visit Verimatrix at the NAB Show 2013, booth #SU9105 from April 8-11 to learn more about the company’s revenue security solutions.