Verimatrix, Beacon and Amlogic extend STB security to BYOD

Wednesday, September 6th, 2023 
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Premium-Grade Set-top Box Security Extends to BYOD Via Counterspy™ Innovation Announced by Verimatrix, Beacon and Amlogic

  • New Verimatrix anti-piracy deployment protects, detects and enables real-time response to piracy attacks; available for video operators utilizing new Android set-top boxes from Beacon, integrated with Amlogic
  • Verimatrix Counterspy™ will be demoed at IBC 2023 in Verimatrix booth #1.D81

AIX-EN-PROVENCE, France & SAN DIEGO — Verimatrix (Euronext Paris: VMX) today announced general availability of the industry’s first-ever customizable anti-piracy defensive countermeasures and threat intelligence built inside Android TV set-top boxes from Beacon, integrated with Amlogic. Verimatrix is set to demo the new Counterspy™ offering Sept 15-18 in Amsterdam at IBC 2023 booth #1.D81.

Traditional set-top box security leverages operator-issued hardware with protected pre-shared keys, securely linking identified customers. This is no longer the norm, as consumers have multiple ways to consume content, including bring-your-own-device (BYOD), accessing content via apps. Generic DRM systems often lack inherent customer authentication, offloading identity to secondary mechanisms vulnerable to attack.

Verimatrix Counterspy redefines security for the modern BYOD-connected era. It goes beyond traditional set-top box protections to enable robust, studio-grade content security across any device utilizing media apps customers choose to use. Counterspy fills the authentication gap left by the shift away from operator-controlled hardware, safeguarding previously vulnerable identity factors against theft. This allows operators to confidently distribute experiences once locked to proprietary platforms, while opening new monetization opportunities through a peace of mind security approach fit for the complexities of today’s viewing landscape.

Verimatrix Counterspy uniquely protects critical identity factors like login credentials and tokens, monitoring and responding to theft attempts across devices. This robust defense is beyond current MDRM vendor capabilities.

Verimatrix Counterspy is part of the Verimatrix Streamkeeper family of content security and anti-piracy solutions. This new availability is a notable advancement for a set-top box’s protection posture and is a first in the industry.

Integrated through Amlogic, a leading fabless semiconductor company, and initially used within set-top boxes from Beacon, Verimatrix Counterspy provides a host of powerful capabilities that protect valuable content as well as video operator revenues. It uniquely protects against credential theft, protection circumvention, app fraud and ad revenue loss – all while also enabling operators to control defensive measures such as picture quality degradation, on-screen warnings and instance termination.

“Verimatrix Counterspy is a leap forward when it comes to future-proofing content security, arming operators with advanced anti-piracy tools and providing the industrial-scale defensive countermeasures they need to combat ever-creative pirates that try to take full advantage of today’s modern, internet-connected boxes,” said Sofia Regojo, Chief Revenue Officer at Verimatrix. “We are pleased to work with both Beacon and Amlogic to showcase anti-piracy measures that were never before available on an Android set-top box. It’s an answer to a pressing problem for operators who face a host of piracy-related threats that create significant dents in revenue and put premium content at risk.”

“Integrating Verimatrix Counterspy into our set-top boxes is a game-changer,” said Richard Kim, COO at Beacon. “By protecting content integrity across devices, Counterspy allows us to offer a new way to extend anti-piracy protection to operators across apps and devices, while providing seamless, entertainment experiences that today’s discerning consumers demand.”

“We’re pleased to help support the advancement of video content protection and operator revenues, placing the latest anti-piracy technologies where and how its needed,” said James Xie, senior vice president of corporate business strategy at Amlogic, “Amlogic looks forward to promoting Counterspy’s availability at IBC, as it serves the latest innovation from Verimatrix during our many years of jointly serving operators.”

Both Beacon (IBC booth #1.A21) and Amlogic (IBC booth #5.A33) are long-time Verimatrix partners.

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