Vectra chooses ARRIS Hybrid Set-Top for digital transition in Poland

Monday, June 3rd, 2013
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Second-largest Polish cable service provider looks to develop new IP-based services for subscribers migrating from analogue to digital; ARRIS HMC3021 cable / hybrid set-top represents a low-cost, feature-rich way to manage transition from analogue to digital

COLOGNE, Germany — ANGA COM 2013 — Poland’s second-largest cable service provider*, Vectra, has chosen the HMC3021 hybrid HD set-top from ARRIS Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARRS) to accelerate its shift to IP.

The move will allow Vectra to transition its analogue subscribers to digital, seamlessly–paving the way for the multiscreen experiences and IP-based services that its consumers crave.

Vectra will deploy the HMC3021 set-tops in customers’ homes by summer 2013. With an impending analogue switch-off in Poland, this cost-effective cable ‘zapper’ set-top represents a timely solution for service providers, like Vectra, looking to deliver new services without increasing operational expenses.

Tomasz Zuranksi, CEO, Vectra said: “We’re seeing unprecedented interest high-quality HD and IP-based services in Poland. Video on Demand (VOD), in particular, is something our subscribers demand. Our investment in ARRIS’ hybrid set-top allows us to deliver these services today, while preparing for an all-IP future.”

Features and Benefits of ARRIS HMC3021 Hybrid Set-Top Box

The HMC3021 is a next-generation set-top that has been designed to deliver HD content to basic subscribers. The low-cost set-top converts a service provider’s digital signal within the home so that subscribers can view HD content, like VOD, without the need for a more expensive, traditional set-top box. This facilitates the migration of subscribers to IP-based services with little interruption or outward investment on the part of the service provider.

“With the analogue switch over in Poland coming later this year, many Polish service providers are looking for the most flexible and cost-effective way to manage this transition,” said Steve McCaffery, ARRIS Vice President and General Manager EMEA. “The HMC3021 is the answer–giving service providers, like Vectra, the confidence that today’s investment will scale to tomorrow’s digital services.”

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