Amino and Intracom to provide IPTV entertainment solution to South Eastern European operator

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013
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Amino and Intracom Telecom awarded further contract to provide IPTV entertainment solution to major South Eastern European operator

Amino Communications (AIM: AMO), leaders in IPTV/OTT, and its digital content delivery solution partner Intracom Telecom have been awarded a new contract for the delivery of IPTV HD set-top boxes to a major South Eastern European operator.

This new order supports the network operator’s rapid deployment of IPTV across several countries. The service delivers a mix of live TV, premier sports channels, video-on-demand (VoD) and a rich set of “infotainment” services to end users.

The latest contract award further cements Amino and Intracom Telecom’s position as a key partner in the delivery of IPTV solutions to one of the largest and most dynamic operators in the South Eastern European region.

Amino CEO Donald McGarva said: “This new contract underlines the importance of our combined approach with ecosystem partners to support major operators with their deployment plans. We’re very pleased to continue building our strong relationship with both Intracom Telecom and the operator in the delivery of great entertainment experiences.”

Intracom Telecom’s Head of Telco Software Business Division Anastasios Dimopoulos said: “This contract extension further solidifies our joint presence with Amino in SEE region in regards to our IPTV and OTT service platform. Our end-to-end solution enables the operator to provide an attractive IPTV service offering to their subscribers, while tapping new revenue streams and leading the market in Over The Top content delivery, employing the latest in digital content delivery technologies.”

Amino will supply MPEG-2/MPEG-4 IPTV set-top boxes, combining high performance capability with http live streaming (HLS) capability for the delivery of entertainment experiences across both managed and unmanaged networks, all seamlessly and securely managed under Intracom Telecom’s digital content delivery platform.

The pay TV service is delivered over Intracom Telecom’s Full-Service Content Distribution Network (fs|cdn™) platform, which allows Telcos and broadband service providers to enhance their existing data and/or telephony services with video and offer a complete service package to their customers. In addition to supporting IPTV over managed networks, the platform fully covers the delivery of advanced Over The Top (OTT) video services in a truly multi-screen environment.