TELUS launches wireless digital box for Optik TV

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013
TELUS logo

Optik TV frees the ties that bind; Watch Optik anywhere in the house with the new wireless digital box

CALGARY, AB — TELUS (TSX: T, NYSE: TU) is launching a new wireless digital box for Optik TV subscribers, giving customers the freedom to move their TV anywhere in the home – or yard – without the need to plug it into a TV outlet. This means Optik customers can rearrange the room without tripping over cords, move the TV to the kitchen to follow along with their favorite cooking show or set up the TV in their backyard to barbeque without missing a moment of the big game.

“The wireless digital box is the latest addition to Optik’s growing suite of innovative features that give customers un-surpassed control and flexibility,” said David Fuller, TELUS Chief Marketing Officer. “Our customers have told us that they want to have more freedom to take their TV watching to new places. Whether it’s a different corner of the room or taking family movie night to the backyard, Optik customers now have the choice without having to run new wires.”

The Optik wireless digital box works the same way as the wired Optik digital box, but instead receives the TV signal over the air from a wireless access point up to 60 metres (200 ft) away, eliminating the need for a physical connection between the digital box and the TV outlet. A corded power supply and connection between the TV and digital box are required. The wireless access point can be purchased from TELUS for $100 and can support up to 4 wireless digital boxes. TELUS offers the wireless digital box for rental or purchase at the same price as the wired Optik digital box or free with a term agreement.