CTV insights business, App Science, launches from stealth

Wednesday, December 16th, 2020
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OTT Data & CTV Measurement Insights Platform, App Science®, Launches From Stealth

  • Unmatched OTT Platform is powered by proprietary insights from 300 million mobile devices and 110 million CTV households

LOS ANGELES — App Science®, the CTV insights business, today announced its official launch. App Science possesses one flagship product — Insights Report — a dashboard for brands and their agencies to audit, plan and measure campaigns with proprietary insights from App Science’s device graph of 300 million mobile devices and 110 million connected TV households.

App Science correlates consumer behavior mobile data with connected TV data for individual households, resulting in richer, more sophisticated insights into audiences. The App Science platform can be used to audit existing CTV ad campaigns, as well as develop more advanced audience segments for future media buys.

“App Science empowers modern brands and their agencies with a deep layer of granular insights that are unrivaled in the market today,” said Helen Lum, Executive Vice President of App Science. “Streaming TV viewership is proliferating at a time when people are increasingly making purchases on their mobile devices. These two datasets must be in lockstep to empower modern marketers to design attribution models and execute business outcomes-focused ad buys.”

By combining mobile app data with CTV data, App Science gives a better understanding of specific households being targeted in CTV campaigns, giving brands and their agencies an opportunity to reduce duplication and focus on audience segments that matter most to them. The platform also has extensive CTV and OTT fraud detection that goes beyond verification partners available in the space. App Science previously utilized its household graph to provide proprietary data, audience segmentation, and enhanced insights to Sabio, a Los Angeles-based media and technology company.

“We decided to spin off App Science’s proprietary platform as its own stand-alone SaaS business,” said Aziz Rahim, who serves as CEO of Sabio and Executive Chairman of App Science. “It’s important that any insights platform serving the greater good of the advertising marketplace be free of bias, and we want to ensure that App Science can flourish independent of Sabio’s services business.”

“App Science was created to address the lack of measurement and transparency in the market. Due to most industry leaders using third party data, there was critical campaign intel being omitted, leaving brands with only a fraction of the information needed to make data-driven decisions. By using their own data, App Science is able to provide brands and agencies with more accurate and timely data at a more affordable cost, directly combatting and solving these industry challenges,” added Marka Hinkamp, VP of Sales at App Science. “App Science bridges the gap between mobile and CTV, bringing in an improved and personalized level of understanding to the CTV space.”

The marketplace recently indicated CTV insights-driven companies are in demand. In October 2020, App Science’s chief competitor Tru Optik was acquired by TransUnion. When compared side-by-side, App Science provides an unprecedented level of data compared to other industry players — which leads to more informed, strategic, and sometimes even completely different decisions.