New Zealand switches off analogue TV signal

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

Minister switches off analogue TV signal

New Zealand television is now a digital-only zone after the analogue signal was switched off by Broadcasting Minister Craig Foss.

Mr Foss switched off the Waiatarua TV Tower analogue transmitter at 2am this morning, marking the end of a three year campaign to ensure New Zealand households were ready for the digital transition.

“This is a significant milestone in the history of New Zealand television. Scheduled analogue services have been operating since the 1960s, when New Zealanders had access to just one channel for a few hours each night.

“No other Government programme has required action from almost every New Zealand household since the introduction of decimal currency fifty years ago,” says Mr Foss.

Auckland was the final region to make the switch to digital television, following the lower North Island and South Island earlier in 2013.

“From today, television viewers in Auckland and the rest of the upper North Island will only be able to watch TV if they have Freeview, Sky or Igloo.

“Not all viewers will have made the transition to digital TV ahead of the deadline. However, I am advised that experience from other parts of the country suggests that the vast majority will do so over the coming days.

“The traditional broadcast model is changing. Many New Zealanders no longer rely on their television as their primary source for receiving content. Some people have decided they don’t need to go digital at all, and instead choose to receive content on their computer and smartphones via the internet.

“I would like to thank the Going Digital team for their hard work, and also acknowledge the work of neighbourhood groups, community advisors and the broadcasting industry for working to ensure New Zealand has a smooth transition to digital TV,” says Mr Foss.