EVOLIO launches Evolio Smart TV Box in Romania

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 
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EVOLIO presents Evolio Smart TV Box, customized entertainment for home

BUCHAREST — Evolio and Seenow launch today Evolio Smart TV Box, the mini PC which transforms the TV into a smart one.

Evolio Smart TV Box connects the TV to the internet and offers access to thousands of movies, TV serials, documentaries and TV channels, but also to Android games and applications.

Evolio Smart TV Box is a mini PC based on Android 4.2 operation system, with a Dual Core processor at 1GHz frequency. Through this device any TV which allows HDMI and Audio-Video connecting is transformed into a smart TV.

Evolio Smart TV Box is the first device of this kind on the local market which includes prepaid subscription for 6 months to the Seenow service. More than 60 TV channels, TV serials, thousands of movies, documentaries, cartoons and TV shows will be available to the users immediately after accessing the Seenow application preinstalled on the equipment.

“We are proud that, together with our partners from Evolio, we can present a premiere on the Romanian market, a new and innovative concept, through which the access to the most varied offer of video content is offered with no constraints to the owners of TV sets with no “smart” capabilities. For sure there are many owners of such TV sets who will be enchanted of this means of upgrade with movies and TV serials packed in the Seenow service”, said Catalin Clemente, Marketing Director, Seenow.

“Evolio Smart TV Box transforms the idea of family entertainment. The user only needs an internet connection and a usual TV set and has instant access to hundreds of thousands of Android games and applications directly on the TV screen, together with cinemateque movies, but also the latest TV releases or successful TV serials. The new Evolio product is in the same time a multimedia console through which one can watch photos and movies from the personal library, whether they are on an external hard-disk or SD card, or on the tablet or smartphone, through wireless connection”, said Liviu Nistoran, General Manager of Televoice Group.

The Smart TV Box can be used as a mini PC if a mouse and keyboard is attached. The internet connection is made through incorporated Wi-Fi, external 3G modem or through network cable. Web surfing on the TV screen offers a complete multimedia experience with a high quality of image and sound.

Evolio Smart TV Box has 4GB Flash memory and 1GB DDR3 RAM memory. It allows connectivity through USB, HDMI, RJ45, and accepts external memory extension through SD Card.

Evolio Smart TV Box can be ordered for 100 Eur, and in the following days will be also available in the partner shops.