Stofa deploys Cisco CCAP solution in Denmark

Monday, January 20th, 2014
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Stofa Deploys Europe’s First Video and Data Convergence With Cisco’s Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP)

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Danish broadband and cable TV-provider Stofa has deployed Cisco’s Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP) solution, enabling it to simultaneously handle video on demand (VOD) and high-speed broadband traffic within the same access platform. The new solution is based on Cisco’s Modular CCAP offering and will enable Stofa to reduce operational costs, double subscriber broadband speeds and develop innovative services, such as 4K TV.

Stofa, one of Denmark’s leading cable TV and broadband companies with over 600,000 customers, is the first cable operator in Europe to converge digital video and data on a common access infrastructure as a step towards an all-IP service architecture.

“By simply upgrading to the latest Cisco ubr10K and RFGW10 modules, we are able to double our access capacity, simplify our operations and reduce the rack space and power consumption significantly,” says Thomas Helbo, CTO, Stofa.

This first video and data convergence were implemented in autumn 2013, and Cisco looks forward to continuing this innovative journey with Stofa.

“This is a milestone for European cable. With the first European deployment of video and data convergence based on Cisco’s CCAP platform, we are proud to be working with Stofa to enable them to innovate and be more competitive. Building on our long-standing relationship with Stofa, this initiative will enable them to take their infrastructure to the next level and better prepare for future consumer demands.” says Yves Padrines, vice president, Service Provider Video, EMEAR, Cisco Systems.

As part of the Modular CCAP solution, Stofa has installed the Cisco uBR10012 CMTS with 3G60, PRE5, 3G-SPA and the RFGW10 Universal Edge QAM. With the high density DS384 line card, Stofa can now better utilize the existing infrastructure and run both VOD and DOCSIS services through common ports of the DS384 with no RF combining, as defined by CCAP for convergence.

New potential

Stofa plans to use the new platform to test and develop new services such as 4K TV, supported by Cisco. Taking into account CCAP-customer evaluations and other market factors, Stofa will decide, whether to potentially let digital TV replace regular flow TV, which today exists as a parallel technology within Stofa and competing companies in Denmark.

“Cisco is a long-term trusted partner of Stofa for the last 15 years. They are our provider of IP solutions from the core network to our cable access network. More important, we can always count on Cisco to protect our investment. Together with Torben Drews, project manager at our side, we managed to efficiently deploy this solution according to our business requirements”, says Thomas Helbo.