SiBEAM Reveals 60GHz Wireless Semiconductor Technology

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

SiBEAM Exits Stealth Mode and Reveals Significant Breakthroughs In Wireless Semiconductor Technology Based on the 60 GHz Band; OmniLink60™, Manufactured in Standard CMOS, Delivers Non-Line-of-Sight Beam Steering and A/V Connectivity for Wireless Video Area Networking (WVAN)

SUNNYVALE, California and TOKYO — SiBEAM, Inc., a leading innovator of millimeter wave (mmWave) solutions and developer of high-speed wireless communications platforms, today announced they are the first to break the barriers of 60 GHz technology with the development of working 60 GHz chipsets for non-line-of-sight applications, built using standard CMOS manufacturing techniques. With this announcement, SiBEAM also divulges its prior success in developing both successful transmitter and receiver 60 GHz chipsets in CMOS as far back as 2005. Additionally, SiBEAM’s vision to transform the wireless landscape by enabling very high-speed wireless applications at higher frequencies was unveiled today with its unprecedented OmniLink60TM wireless semiconductor technology, which delivers true, non-line-of-sight beam steering and A/V connectivity for wireless applications at the 60 GHz band. SiBEAM’s first products will be WirelessHD™ compliant and will be used for wireless uncompressed high-definition video display.

“We’ve conquered some of the industry’s most challenging obstacles surrounding 60 GHz. Our aim with this technology is to exploit the 7 GHz of unlicensed spectrum around 60 GHz to provide very high data rates to multiple users within an indoor wireless environment using conventional silicon,” said John LeMoncheck, SiBEAM CEO. “We are delighted to reveal the results of SiBEAM’s dedication to superior technology solutions and vast expertise in developing high speed wireless applications using very high frequencies in CMOS. This revolutionary solution will provide our customers with the ability to develop low cost, low-power, mobile mmWave communications products.”

Significant Breakthroughs in Wireless Semiconductor Technology

SiBEAM is the first company to build working 60 GHz chips in standard CMOS and achieved several breakthroughs in developing the OmniLink60, including CMOS modeling at millimeter wave frequencies, multi-element antenna technology and enabling non-line-of-sight functionality for A/V applications at the 60 GHz band. The company has filed multiple patents which recognize the company’s high-performance, micro-array, multi-element antenna technology.

“60 GHz is the next big opportunity in wireless, making multi-gigabit throughput a reality,” said Craig Mathias, a Principal with the wireless and mobile advisory firm Farpoint Group. “SiBEAM’s innovations in CMOS implementation and antenna arrays promise cost-effective support for a wide range of applications. The vast amount of spectrum at 60 GHz. is now open to consumer electronics – and beyond.”

Non-line-of-sight functionality is a critical component of the new OmniLink60, which incorporates micro array antenna technology to dynamically establish the optimal path from a signal source, such as a set-top box, to a receiving device, such as an HDTV. When the antenna detects a weakening signal due to an obstruction like a person walking in the signal’s path, it automatically re-surveys the environment for a new, best path and adjusts the beam without disruption in the signal’s transmission. SiBEAM’s OmniLink60 is also able to achieve the following breakthrough capabilities:

Enabling Wireless Video Area Networks. OmniLink60 helps the customer easily build an intelligent wireless video area network, which can consist of WirelessHD-enabled devices such as a high-definition television, high-definition disc player, digital video recorder, digital video camera, digital A/V player, and more.

High-speed Omnidirectional Communication. With OmniLink60, each SiBEAM-enabled device will be able to be aware of not only other devices in the network, but will also be aware of that device’s capabilities, such as whether it is a digital video camera, game console or set-top box.

SiBEAM technology can be easily and affordably integrated by consumer electronics manufacturers, PC manufacturers, and network infrastructure providers into their next generation product lines for wireless communications including high-definition televisions (HDTVs), a wide range of A/V devices such as DVD players, set-top boxes, digital video recorders, digital still cameras and digital camcorders, and personal computers providing consumers with a simple and secure way to connect, play and transmit their high definition (HD) content. The 60 GHz band offers the spectral availability for true uncompressed HD video, audio and data transmission, scalable to future HD A/V formats.

“Devices that comprise the advanced digital living room, including digital televisions, advanced set top boxes, and blue laser DVD players and recorders, will grow to over a quarter-billion units shipped in 2010,” said Brian O’Rourke, Principal Analyst for the Converging Markets & Technologies Group of In-Stat. “SiBEAM should be well-positioned to wirelessly transmit full, uncompressed HD video among these devices.”