SONIQ launches three Smart TVs for China

Monday, May 19th, 2014
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Australia Smart TV-SONIQ March into Chinese Market, Open up a New Epoch for Big Screen TV

BEIJING — SONIQ, the world’s leading Smart TV operator, officially announced that the company would march into the Chinese market during a press conference held on 22 April in Beijing. Meanwhile, SONIQ launched three customized Smart TVs which are of high value for money for Chinese customers. The three launched TVs includes the Boutique Series O49 equipped with LG HD screen at a historical low price compared with other brands, Future Series F65, as well as Ultimate Series U55 which has built-in with stereo system of the world cutting edge brand Harman/Kardon. SONIQ will also cooperate with 360, China’s largest Internet security companies to release the first Internet-safe TV at home.

Open up New Epoch for Big Screen TV in China

SONIQ has sharpened its focus on internet Smart TV from 2009 and has independently researched and developed an Android based Platform named Cinavision which provides easy and convenient internet experience to its users. Functions such as video, shopping and financial service made viewing information online conveniently as well as enjoying the Australian slow-pace life possible at their own living rooms. In such a fierce competitive market, SONIQ built its core competence with a new operating mode. On top of its current simple App that contains videos, audios, sharing and games, SONIQ has started to integrate various mediums to its products with rich offline resources and service from the traditional industry. More and more people will have access to the richness of the internet.

During the press conference, a summit dialogue was held with the theme “Open up New Epoch for Big Screen TV in China”. Representatives from enterprises such as Harman/Kardon, Australia JB HI-FI, Qihoo 360, BesTV, LG Display, RRS, China Market Monitor, The City Television Station Union Committee and academic communities such as Australian Monash University were present to share their thoughts. Attendees have shown mutual understanding on the importance of crossover cooperation and are expecting to join forces in working together in the future.

World-Leading audiovisual technologies result to astounding effects

Debuting at the Chinese market, the newest products of SONIQ were customized for Chinese consumers, including three types of Smart TVs, two series of Micro Cast, and one kind of Smart TV box and TV Dongle. With consistent excellent quality, these products aim to provide world level Smart appliances.

The three internet Smart TVs — Future Series F65, Ultimate Series U55 and Boutique Series O49 adopted dual-core processor, Cortex-A9 MPCore, built-in Mali-400 GPU and can operate with frequency 1.2 Ghz. The Future Series F65 is SONIQ’s summit series that has adopted the aviation aluminum alloy frame structure with superior texture and fashionable design of a nearly borderless frame. Built with imported IPS 65 inches module screen, the resolution of F65 can reach the level of 3840*2160 that is equivalent to authentic 4K. It can also run with high dynamic refresh rate and display with a broad perspective.

F65, with its fashionable design and unique audiovisual system, put every detail in front of its audience. Both Future Series F65 and Ultimate Series U55 are using the world cutting-edge stereo system of Harman/Kardon. They have excellent sound quality and have strong signal-to-noise ratio. Moreover, Ultimate Series U55 used the original LG module screen which is 55 inches.

Boutique Series O49 is equipped with 49 inches LG IPS screen and is of piano paint borderless design. The three products have comfortable 3D function together with 4 pairs of 3D glasses for family members to watch 3D movie.

SONIQ not only own its outstanding hardware, but can also offer large volume of video contents. SONIQ series — U55, F65, O49 Smart TV, AMB100 Smart TV box, AHW101 TV Dongle, LP300/LP100 LED Smart projection TV — used BesTV internet TV platform as the only content for the broadcast control platform. Koala micro cast and Koala mini micro cast acted as the representatives of pocket big screen — the LED Smart projection TV. Having a dual ARM Cortex™ — A7 1 g processor combined with ARM Mali — 400 graphics processors, they are energy efficient, of high-definition image quality and of high value for money.

The high-definition Smart TV box can transform any traditional TVs to Smart terminals through simple connection. The excellent dual core CPU can provide best image quality and colorful picture as well as speedy online and local high definition media play.

The Smart TV Dongle can also transform traditional TVs into Smart TV terminals with as easy as just one plug.

Although SONIQ is new to Chinese consumer, it is a widely known consumer electronics brand in Australia. According to a survey conducted by an authoritative third party — Canstar Blue, SONIQ defeated its numerous competitors such as Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, and is among the top of the list for overall consumer satisfaction.

Cinavision Smart TV Application Platform — Emphasize on TV Contents

SONIQ has its characteristics on contents. In addition to its cooperation with BesTV to obtain first class program resources, Cinavision also shapes its own ecological chain. The wide application of Cinavision reflects that SONIQ is not just a TV manufacturer, but is also a Smart internet TV operator having the capability of integrating industrial resources.

Cinavision can also provide game console, shopping, financial as well as booking traveling service etc. except for localized application.

In the future application of Smart internet TV, TV programs and Smart APPs can realize real time interaction. When the audience watch sports events, they can check players’ clothing information through remote control and then purchase on the Cinavision platform directly. Another example is that if there is an Australia travel record broadcasting on TV, users can reserve the current travel route if they really have passion on it. With such customized characteristics, Cinavision can be applied by industrial users such as telecommunication providers and high-end hotels.