SAORVIEW winning with Irish TV viewers

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

The number of households opting for SAORVIEW has increased by 41,000 over the last four months, taking the total number of Irish homes with SAORVIEW to 653,000. According to the latest household data from Nielsen*, this brings the proportion of all TV homes in Ireland that have SAORVIEW – either on its own or combined with other services – to 41%.

Jim Higgins, SAORVIEW business development manager, said “Irish TV consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of SAORVIEW. The most watched television shows in Ireland are available to watch for free on SAORVIEW, and the feedback from retailers and consumers alike has been encouraging. We want to ensure that even more Irish households do not need to pay a monthly subscription to watch the best of Irish TV”

SAORVIEW has recently run an extensive advertising campaign promoting the benefits of SAORVIEW and highlighting that, last year, 97% of the most watched television programmes in Ireland were available to watch for free on SAORVIEW. Consumers increasingly understand the benefits of SAORVIEW and that in order to watch the best of free Irish television there is no need to have a subscription television service. SAORVIEW’s key message is “why pay for TV, when you can get it for free”.

There is a wide range of SAORVIEW equipment in the market including satellite combi boxes and TVs, and an increasing range of Smart TV sets that have SAORVIEW. Consumers are advised to talk to their retailer about their SAORVIEW options and are encouraged to ensure equipment is SAORVIEW Approved.

* Nielsen/TAM Ireland Establishment Survey, September 2014