DNA Welho OTT has 100,000 subscribers in Finland

Thursday, September 4th, 2014
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DNA Welho MatkaTV cloud TV service has 100,000 subscribers

The DNA Welho MatkaTV service has attracted 100,000 subscribers. During this spring and summer, DNA has introduced the most popular pay TV sports content from both MTV and Viasat in the service. MatkaTV users may now also take advantage of the Chromecast media player to view recordings and TV channels on their TV screen.

The 100,000th subscriber to DNA Welho MatkaTV service signed his subscription this week at DNA Kauppa in the Jumbo Shopping Centre in Vantaa. He decided to subscribe to the MTV Total channel package especially for its Premier League coverage, and added MatkaTV to his subscription, in order to be able to watch football everywhere.

“MatkaTV is building up its popularity at an increasing rate. This enhances our view that the way television is viewed is changing at an extremely rapid pace. At home, people are taking advantage of HDTVs with enhanced picture quality and large displays, but they also want to have access to TV programmes outside their homes, viewing them with a mobile device suited for their needs. We want to support and develop this freedom of choice in a versatile manner,” says Jarno Haikonen, Director, Entertainment Business, DNA Ltd.

Chromecast media player support

With the MatkaTV application, the users can carry TV everywhere with them on a smart phone, a tablet, or a computer. When the user wants to enjoy the programmes on a bigger screen, recordings and live streaming can now be sent to a TV screen using the Google Chromecast media player. The user’s smart phone or tablet serves as a remote control.

MatkaTV offers also popular pay TV channels from MTV and Viasat

The MatkaTV live streams include as many as 17 TV channels. In addition to seven free-to-air channels, available to all MatkaTV subscribers, the subscribers can now watch also five pay TV channels from MTV and five from Viasat via MatkaTV, with programming such as NHL and KHL ice hockey, Formula 1 racing, and top-ranking golf.

Viewing the pay TV channels requires subscription to both the MatkaTV service and the channel package. The channels available for live streaming depend on the channel package subscription. Pay TV channels are available in MatkaTV to both cable and terrestrial pay TV subscribers.

“We will add new content and functionalities to the MatkaTV service continuously, and we would be pleased to receive feedback and hear our customers’ wishes,” says Haikonen.

DNA Welho launched the MatkaTV service in spring last year. The service is based on Booxmedia’s cloud TV technology. DNA Welho MatkaTV allows you to record and view TV programmes practically anywhere and any time.

Information on the DNA Welho MatkaTV service

  • The DNA Welho MatkaTV service can be used on Android, iOS and WP8 smart phones (all operators); Android and iOS tablets; and on a computer browser via a mobile broadband or a wireless broadband network.
  • On TV, the service can be accessed using the Chromecast media player, AppleTV or Wbox HD2/HD2s set-top box.
  • MatkaTV allows recording of up to 2,000 hours of programming. The user can select either a specific programme or continuous recording. The programmes are stored in the recording library until they are deleted by the user.
  • Recordings can also be downloaded onto the user’s device and viewed without a network connection.
  • MatkaTV is part of the DNA Welho Viihde service, but it can also be ordered separately at a monthly fee of EUR 4.95. The MatkaTV application can be downloaded from app stores.