Wilmaa Box is coming to living rooms in Switzerland

Friday, April 4th, 2014
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Wilmaa Box is coming to the living room – a new found freedom for TV

ZURICH — As of today Wilmaa’s ultimate TV service will be available in the comfort of the living room. With its provider-independent Wilmaa Box, Wilmaa has a lineup of more than 200 channels, over 40 of them in HD. The Wilmaa Box is specifically designed for timeshift TV viewing pleasure – no holds barred. Digital TV has never been so personalized. Supported by the Wilmaa Founder Community, Wilmaa has succeeded in enabling its handy TV experience to reach market maturity in less than 18 months — TV viewing via any Internet access provider, anywhere in Switzerland.

Today Wilmaa delivers live TV to the computer and mobile screens of approximately one quarter of a million viewers. As per today Wilmaa is also delivering digital TV content directly to the big screen in viewers’ living rooms. With a true over-the-top offering Wilmaa is setting a new standard in Switzerland: the Wilmaa Box can be used with your current Internet access (download speed: min. 10Mbit/s) and any Internet service provider. Wherever you are in Switzerland and regardless of whether you’ve got phone, cable or fiber optic service. Take the Wilmaa Box with you, connect it and enjoy.

Now viewers call the shots – clever and low key

With the Wilmaa Box there’s always something good on TV, also via Wi-Fi.
With Start Over, Live Pause and Recording, Wilmaa viewers direct the show in ever detail. Viewers decide what they watch, and when and where they watch it.
And because all shows of all broadcasters over the last 7 days are available in Wilmaa’s virtual library in the Wilmaa Cloud, the Wilmaa Box doesn’t need a hard disk. Making it also head and shoulders above the competition in terms of energy savings. And all that with whisper-silent operation without a whimper since no fans are necessary. Exclusive with the Wilmaa Box: users load their recordings onto a USB stick or external hard disk and take them with them. They then can simply be plugged in and enjoyed: on a friend’s Wilmaa Box, on a Mac or PC or on the big screen in the living room.

Wilmaa Box – ultimate TV simplicity

Watching TV should be easy and fun again. Wilmaa caters to this desire thanks to its intuitive user interface. No navigating a menu labyrinth, no pouring over manuals for hours on end. The Wilmaa Box is self-explanatory – after firing it up, there are more than 200 channels available for viewing pleasure, of which over 40 are in HD. And as an additional advantage during the Wilmaa Box launch phase, users benefit from 12 months of Wilmaa Premium Web TV free of charge.

All features and functions can be accessed by a high-quality, surprisingly small remote. Complicated monster remotes with a jumble of buttons and functions are a thing of the television past.

As of today the new design of Wilmaa’s Web TV via Wilmaa Free and Wilmaa Premium also goes live, delivering a fresh experience.