Zenterio joins the RDK community

Thursday, November 27th, 2014
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Zenterio strengthens its offering by joining the RDK community

Zenterio, which develops an independent software platform for interactive TV, today announces that it is strengthening its offering by joining the Reference Design Kit (RDK) community. RDK is a software bundle developed by Comcast.

”We believe RDK is an interesting initiative that strengthens Zenterio’s offering and enable operators to get the best of both worlds. With Zenterio OS and RDK, operators can leverage the strengths of Zenterio’s product roadmap with full support for various chipsets, STBs, interactive services and security solutions and at the same time pick the components they require from RDK.” says Marco Frattolin, VP Product Management at Zenterio.

Steve Heeb, President and General Manager of RDK Management at Comcast recently stated “RDK is a standardized set of software rather than a software standard that provides a baseline for SoC vendors to work to. The framework is also designed to be flexible in the sense that operators can take components that are relevant for them”.

With Zenterio OS and RDK, an operator can leverage Zenterio’s existing mature and proven software and at the same time use required components or interfaces based on RDK.