PARROT unveils DVB-T2 car TV reception modules

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014
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PARROT Unveils Modules for Best-in-Class DVB-T2 Car TV Reception Based on Third Generation OCTOPUS Chips

PARIS — Parrot, the leading provider of digital TV & Radio solutions, is pleased to announce a new family of Modules dedicated to car infotainment. These Modules called STH fully support the major broadcast standards deployed worldwide, from AM/FM radio to the very last DVB-T2. The 3rd generation of Octopus chips is at the heart of these Modules.

STH Module

DVB-T2 is the most advanced Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) broadcast standard. It is at least 50% more efficient than any other over-the-air transmission system, however it makes the reception in a mobile environment much more difficult to achieve.

Parrot successfully met the challenge with the new family of STH Modules, integrating up to 4 Octopus chips using MRC diversity. The modules meet extreme automotive requirements even when they receive DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T full-seg, DTMB or ATSC standards.

STH Modules are embedded with relevant software for the best in class in-car reception: multi-standard background scan, station following, traffic data, descrambling, etc. For quick and easy head-unit integration, the module hosts UPnP and HTTP servers.

The modules are using the 3rd generation of Octopus. They address all major digital TV and radio standards deployed around the world, which in turn will lower R&D, testing & qualification costs.

Each standard is supported by a dedicated firmware running in the Octopus, along with state-of-the-art processing algorithms: fast and accurate channel estimation, multipath rejection, Doppler Effect compensation, etc.

A STH module version is dedicated to radio reception, supporting AM/FM and digital radio (DAB/DAB+, DRM/DRM+, ISDB-Tsb, HD-Radio or DVB-T2 Lite). High-class features like station following with seamless audio blending are also offered.

From hardware silicon to upper software stacks, Parrot developed all the key technologies to provide ready-to-use modules. The market proven Octopus, deployed through major German, Japanese and Chinese Car Makers, is today setting a new standard in performance.

“Parrot has invested a lot in the TV/Radio reception technology, and we are proud today to offer such a complete solution, easy to integrate with uncompromised performance” said Eric Riyahi, Executive Vice-President at Parrot.