Belgium's Proximus TV adds Netflix VOD

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014
Proximus logo

Netflix on Proximus TV

As from Tuesday, December 16, Netflix is available via the menus of Proximus TV, offering Proximus customers the opportunity to watch the series and movies from the world leader in video on demand subscription, SVOD. The awaited new production of Netflix Marco Polo, the extensive catalog for children or numerous personalised suggestions; the whole family can as from now watch Netflix via Proximus TV on the big TV screen.

Watch Netflix on Proximus TV with utmost simplicity

With the integration of Netflix on Proximus TV decoders, Proximus wants to offer its customers a superior television experience which combines all technologies in an ideal way. Proximus is the first Belgian operator offering this facility to its customers.

Easy access: customers will find the Netflix catalog via the Proximus TV menu by pressing the “on demand” button of their remote control and selecting “movies” or “series” in the menu.

Just one account to watch Netflix on all your screens: when taking out your subscription you create your personal Netflix account (login and password). This account will enable you to log in to Netflix and find your profiles, personalized recommendations and playbacks in progress, whether on:

  • your PC via the website Netflix
  • your tablet or smartphone by downloading the Netflix application from your normal app store
  • Proximus TV via your “on demand” menu

Start a movie or series on one device and continue playback on another: you can resume playback of a movie or series on your TV screen via Proximus TV from where you left off, even if that was on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Choose your movie on your tablet and watch it on your TV: another practical feature for customers who watch Netflix on their tablet or smartphone, allowing them to use their tablet or smartphone to browse through the Netflix catalog and, with just one click, start the movie or series of their choice directly on their TV.

A gradual deployment

The integration of Netflix on Proximus TV decoders will take place as from Tuesday, December 16, and will last a few months. Gradually TV Proximus customers will have direct access to Netflix via their usual menu. This integration will take place automatically: customers will not have to do anything.

How much does it cost?

Netflix offers access to its entire catalog for €7.99 per month to watch the content on a standard-definition screen and €8.99 to watch the content on two HD-quality screens simultaneously. The subscription may be terminated at any time; customers who wish to take out a subscription will be billed directly by Netflix. The first month is free of charge. Customers can subscribe to Netflix directly via Proximus TV. It is also possible to subscribe via the website www.proximus.benetflix or via the Netflix application on Proximus TV.