Zenterio adds HbbTV support with ACCESS

Thursday, January 8th, 2015
Zenterio logo

Zenterio strengthens its customer offering by supporting HbbTV in cooperation with ACCESS CO.

Zenterio, which develops an independent software platform for interactive TV, announced today that its operating system Zenterio OS will be supporting HbbTV. HbbTV (Hybrid broadcast broadband TV) is an open platform for broadcasters to deliver on-demand services to the end-consumer, such as catch-up services, interactive advertising, video-on-demand and apps.

In cooperation with ACCESS, a global provider of advanced software technologies such as browsers, Zenterio will be able to offer a strengthened proposition for broadcasters and hybrid operators that want to launch interactive services based on standard technologies such as HbbTV.

“HbbTV is becoming the de-facto standard in many parts of the world, and in an increasing number of countries regulations mandate support for HbbTV. Zenterio already has vast experience in hybrid deployments and master technologies like DVB and OIPF and in cooperation with ACCESS, we can leverage our combined experience and create an even more attractive offering to operators in those countries,” said Marco Frattolin, VP Product Management, Zenterio.

“We are glad to announce this extended collaboration with Zenterio. The ACCESS NetFront Browser efficiently extends core HTML5 functionality with HbbTV and we are very excited that we now are able to offer this as an integrated part of Zenterio OS.”, said Dr. Neale Foster, COO and Global VP Sales TV, ACCESS Europe.