Carrefour to debut Nolim Films digital video service

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015
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Carrefour continues to break new ground with Nolim Films: The leading complete digital video service

Starting on 27 January, Carrefour will be expanding – its cultural platform – to include Nolim Films, a virtual video library. This will make it the first retailer to break into this market. Featuring nearly 3000 films and TV series when it launches, together with new titles, the Day After US app and the option to get digital copies of these DVDs and Blu-ray discs with the Ultraviolet standard, Carrefour’s customers will be able to put together their own customised digital libraries on

Nolim Films, the first service to combine a wide selection, new titles, freedom and simplicity

With Nolim Films, Carrefour is offering its customers a unique, straightforward service that they can access without having to subscribe, either on or via the Nolim Films app.

  • A well-stocked virtual video library featuring nearly 3000 films and TV series produced by the biggest French and American studios: these films can be downloaded or streamed, and are available for either purchase or hire.
  • New titles, with films available only 4 months after their cinema release. To please fans of TV series, Nolim Films is providing the app “Day After US”, giving users access to a few of its TV series for download the day after they are shown in US.
  • A contract-free, multi-device open system: users can watch any film that they want on demand on their tablets, smartphones, PCs or televisions. And all material is available at competitive prices: films can be rented from €1.99 or purchased from €4.99. Users can access and use its app for free, without having to commit or subscribe. They can watch films or TV series on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Free digital copies with UltraViolet: Carrefour is the first French retailer to offer the UltraViolet standard. It enables customers to get free copies of their DVDs or Blu-ray films on with the UltraViolet system, regardless of where they purchased them (at Carrefour or another retailer).

An online innovation consistent with the retailer’s multi-channel strategy

Carrefour is now the leading distributor of e-books in France – nearly 160,000 titles are available via, the digital library that it launched in 2013.

In 2015, Carrefour is continuing to break new ground with its Nolim Films service, bolstering its presence on the digital and culture segments. This new service will supplement the retailer’s physical video offering: Carrefour is currently the third biggest player on the French market with more than 7 million DVD and Blu-ray titles sold in its stores.