Levira launches HbbTV service in Estonia

Friday, March 13th, 2015
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Levira launches hybrid TV services in Estonia using Sofia Digital HbbTV platform

Estonian digital television operator Levira has started hybrid-TV services in their Freeview “TasutaTV” terrestrial TV platform. The services cover all the major free-to-air channels and can be used throughout Estonia with a HbbTV-compatible smart TV. The hybrid services and platform have been developed together with Sofia Digital.

The TasutaTV HbbTV-based “HübriidTV” service offering covers rich EPG and catch-up TV features for the major Estonian FTA channels that are made available via the Sofia Backstage “Reb-button” functionality.

From logical channel number 6 users can find a dedicated TasutaTV interactive portal channel to access all the regular TV channel services and additional OTT applications such as News, Weather and radio streams over IP as well as additional extra TV channels streams.

The Levira hybrid TV solution was built and launched with Sofia Backstage HbbTV platform. Technical solution supports latest technologies with HbbTV 1.5 though most of the services can also run with most of the existing HbbTV 1.1 receivers.

Levira’s CEO Mart Einpalu comments: “HbbTV is a solution to enjoy all the pleasure of catchupTV from the big screen. By combining the best content of Broadcast and Broadband networks the TasutaTV Freeview platform meets ideally the expectations of most TV-audiences”. Ari Pöyhtäri, CEO of Sofia Digital continues: “Levira’s TasutaTV HbbTV platform is a modern, future-proof and scalable system to offer smart TV services and new video applications with a unified user interface.”