Montage announces mass production of cable HD decoder SoC

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015
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Montage Announces Mass Production of Cable HD Decoder SoC M88CC6000

SHANGHAI, China — Montage Technology today announced that it has started mass production of its advanced HD decoder SoC M88CC6000 for cable set-top box applications.

The M88CC6000 series of chips, including M88CC6000-M and M88CC6000-C, are designed dedicatedly for the domestic cable HDTV market. The M88CC6000-M mainly aims at DVB-C one-way HDTV market, while the M88CC6000-C supports DVB-C two-way interactive services and is an ideal solution to address the mainstream market demands of cable HDTV in China.

The M88CC6000 series are highly integrated with embedded QAM demodulator. They have comprehensive peripherals to enable easy implementation of various applications including Media Play, PVR, Time Shift, etc., with minimized footprint and BOM cost. The chips deliver streamlined OTT UI and plentiful advertising effects, thus making it easy for the operators to provide a variety of value-added services to the customers. The chips enhance the hardware acceleration design in video processing to realize smooth video playback, and offer excellent whole chip performance to ensure better support and compatibility to many different middleware systems.

Moreover, the M88CC6000-C chip supports wideband network and can be used in the home video gateway, which is an attractive value-added solution for the cable TV operators. The home video gateway can not only receive a target TV programs just as a traditional STB does, but also convert other program streams broadcasted at the same frequency into IP data packets and send the packages to the smart devices such as iPad through Wi-Fi, thereby bringing users a convenient and enjoyable home entertainment experience.

Currently, Montage has started mass production of the M88CC6000 series and work closely with multiple cable TV operators to deploy M88CC6000-based applications in different markets. Just as the operators commented, M88CC6000 series’ high integration, robust performance and great adaptability had been contributing most to their success in product development and market promotion.