Pirelli Broadband Solutions unveils IPTV Set-Top-Box with integrated 5 GHz wireless connectivity

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008
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The DEX-W50N technology brings the ultimate solution for no-new-wires IPTV service deployment in the homes

MILAN — Pirelli Broadband Solutions, the broadband access company within the Pirelli Group, today unveiled the DVR2xx-5N, a High Definition IPTV Set-Top-Box integrating wireless connectivity over the 5 GHz band through internal antennas. The product will be demonstrated at the IPTV World Forum Exhibition in London (12-14 March).

The DVR2xx-5N provides Operators with the ultimate self-install, no-new-wires solution for IPTV deployment in the homes, creating a resilient, high capacity wireless bridge with the Pirelli DEX-W50N dongle, an external adapter which can be connected to any broadband access gateway.

The DVR2xx-5N Set Top Box is an option of the DRV2xx family which integrates the DEX-W50N wireless technology, an advanced implementation of the MIMO 802.11n standard that maximizes range and throughput for error free video transport. Operating in the 5 GHz band to segregate the IPTV traffic from the standard 2.4 GHz band used for WLAN connectivity, it provides a stable and reliable connection to deliver multiple High Definition channels in multi-room configurations throughout the home environment.

Thanks to the use of Pirelli’s proprietary embedded antenna design, the DVR-2xx-5N Set Top Box also overcomes the functional and aesthetical limitations posed by external dipoles.

The DVR-2xx series is a PVR-enabled extension of the HY100 family of HDTV H.264 hybrid IPTV + DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) Set Top Boxes already deployed in commercial services.

Like all the products of Pirelli’s portfolio for quad-play bundles, the DVR2xx-5N Set Top Box is remotely manageable via the TR-069 protocol and provides a rich set of performance monitoring data to remote management platforms able to collect and present them, like the Pirelli’s PMP TR-069 ACS.

“The standard wireless LAN technology is not adequate for in-home HDTV multi-channel video streaming, unless you enhance it like we did, as the result of over two years of optimization and field trial activities. Today, our DEX-W wireless extenders are ranked first in performance by all the IPTV Operators who are trialing in-home wireless connectivity for the upgrade of their IPTV offerings with HDTV, multi-channel and multi-room profiles” said Corrado Rocca, Senior Vice President, Product Management and Development for Pirelli Broadband Solutions. “Integrating the DEX-W technology into our successful IPTV Set Top Box line and exploiting our expertise in embedded antennas design, was a natural step towards the consumers’ desire for a simplified, single-box, user experience”.