ACCESS and Pirelli Broadband Solutions announce DLNA certification of Residential Gateway

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Certification represents an important milestone in joint effort to provide advanced DLNA home networking solutions in a broad range of devices, including access gateways and set-top boxes

AMSTERDAM and MILAN — ACCESS Systems Europe Holdings B.V., — a subsidiary of ACCESS CO., LTD., a global provider of advanced software technologies to the mobile, digital television and beyond-PC markets — and Pirelli Broadband Solutions, a leading supplier of broadband customer premises equipment (CPE), today announced that Pirelli’s Residential Gateway DRG A226M, operating with ACCESS NetFront™ Living Connect, has successfully completed the DLNA Certification & Logo program and is granted use of the “DLNA Certified” logo. This means that the gateway has been tested with the DLNA developed Conformance Test Tool and reference devices and has met the DLNA Interoperability Guidelines Version 1.5 for the Digital Media Server device class.

This certification is an important milestone in a far-reaching effort led by ACCESS and Pirelli Broadband Solutions to provide DLNA capabilities in a broad range of networked home devices. In September 2009, the two companies entered an agreement upon which ACCESS licenses its NetFront Living Connect software solution to Pirelli, for deployment in several categories of broadband devices, including access gateways and set-top boxes.

The Pirelli DRG A226M is an ADSL2+ home gateway for advanced triple and quad-play services with full TR-069 remote manageability. Its features comprise data connectivity via Ethernet and WiFi, Voice over IP, USB connectivity for shared storage and printer devices, DLNA Digital Media Server, HSPA backup WAN connectivity via external mobile USB dongle. The DRG F226M product variant, also DLNA certified, provides an embedded WAN fiber interface for FTTH services, supporting connection speeds up to 100 Mbps.

ACCESS’ NetFront Living Connect is a DLNA Certified software solution designed to enable the implementation of multimedia home networks and to support the management and control of the varied devices within a home network. Designed specifically as an optimized solution for resource-limited embedded environments, NetFront Living Connect is a highly portable software solution, adaptable to a wide variety of hardware environments. NetFront Living Connect’s DLNA device class is modular for each function, which means that only the necessary device class has to be mounted.

“Our home gateways and set-top boxes work as central hubs of the connected home and therefore pursue the support of all the industry standards that create common grounds for interoperability such as DLNA,” said Roberto Pellegrini, Vice President Strategy and Innovation, Pirelli Broadband Solutions. “ACCESS is a key technology partner in our commitment towards the implementation of the DLNA standard and its evolutions.”

“We welcome the DLNA certification of the A226M Pirelli access gateway,” said Kyio Oishi, CEO, ACCESS Systems Europe. “It demonstrates how flexible and portable our DLNA NetFront Living Connect software solution is and how seamlessly it can be integrated in a broad variety of state-of-the-art hardware. The European market is ripe for advanced home networks, and we are committed to continue joint efforts with Pirelli Broadband Solutions to deliver powerful home networking solutions that provide a highly satisfying consumer experience and offer operators new exciting business opportunities.”