Zenterio and RiksTV launch Smartbox II

Monday, September 14th, 2015
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Zenterio and RiksTV launch Smartbox II: Zenterio OS combined with new hardware give users a faster viewer experience

STOCKHOLM — Zenterio, which provides an independent software platform for interactive TV, and one of Norway’s largest pay TV distributors, RiksTV, will be rolling out their Smartbox II, a new hybrid set-top-box with Zenterio OS. Smartbox II supports a faster viewer experience, integrated support for WiFi and a more responsive remote control.

Zenterio and RiksTV continue their successful partnership by integrating the TV platform to a new set-top box called Smartbox II. The roll out of the new hybrid set-top box includes a faster and better viewer experience through quicker response times, integrated support for WiFi that enables easier access to OTT services and a more responsive remote control.

“As one of the largest pay TV distributors in Norway we strive to always be in the forefront and to offer the most advanced TV services on the market. With Zenterio OS, and this new hardware, we can continue to add new functionalities that offers a truly interactive TV experience to engage the viewers,” says Christopher Knudsen, CTO of RiksTV.

Around 150,000 of RiksTV’s 450,000 customers already have a set-top-box with Zenterio OS installed. Smartbox II will be rolled out from September and onwards to new customers and customers that are upgrading their set-top-boxes.

“It is very interesting to work with RiksTV as they are so focused on continuously strengthening their offering. When viewer habits change, it is vital for companies, like RiksTV, to adapt to the changing environment. Tomorrow’s winners are the ones that can take advantage of the new revenue streams that open up as a consequence of the changes, and RiksTV is clearly willing to take the lead, ” says Jörgen Nilsson, CEO of Zenterio.