Nortel IPTV Solutions Drive Competitive Advantage, Customer Loyalty with Innovative, Cost-Effective Solutions

Friday, March 7th, 2008

Demos, Presentations Showcase Video Capabilities at IPTV World Forum

LONDON — Come see for yourself at IPTV World Forum how Nortel (NYSE/TSX: NT) Video Solutions are offering telecom providers new ways to drive competitive advantage through video services such as click-to-call that links IPTV with a mobile phone, personal computer or home phone, as well as tuning into your favorite show or movie on any device. From March 12-14, Nortel will be demonstrating the future of IPTV with innovative technology through demonstrations and presentations shown in home and coffee-shop scenarios.

“Providers need to be able to compete effectively to deliver the services consumers are clamoring for like picture sharing across multiple devices,” said Sameer Sheth, general manager, Video Solutions, Nortel. “Today, enhanced programming, HD and video-on-demand are competitive advantages that can drive revenue, but tomorrow, they’re going to need more to impress thier subscribers and maintain their loyalty. This is where Nortel comes in – our open solutions environment is not proprietary so our customers can quickly and cost-effectively adapt for the new services of tomorrow. This gives our customers the confidence of knowing they can keep up with their own customers’ expectations of new services without expensive upgrades that drive up fees. At IPTV World Forum, Nortel will showcase the power of our technologies to drive these revenue-generating opportunities for telecom providers that their subscribers demand.”

Home and coffee-shop scenarios will be available at Nortel’s IPTV World Forum booth (number 135) to demonstrate how the advantages of Nortel’s Video Solutions translate into real-world benefits. Visitors to the booth will see how rich entertainment services including HD, video-on-demand, and digital recording services work today along with advanced applications that allow users to blend entertainment with communications across a number devices ranging from wireless laptop computers to PDAs. Demonstrations include:

  • How Communications and Entertainment are coming together in new, exciting ways: By blending communication and entertainment, telecom providers can get more revenue from existing networks by integrating video and telephony capabilities resulting in TV features like picture sharing, IM, caller ID and click-to-call capabilities. This gives subscribers a broad range of choices and flexibility within their communication bundles and drives new sources of revenue for telecom providers.
  • Any Content, Anywhere, Anytime: With only one common sign-on, subscribers can have the flexibility to access content like video-on-demand at home via a set-top box, through mobile devices, personal computers, or share video with friends on different devices, like a PDA. Nortel builds intelligence into the network, allowing it to know the different types of devices associated with a user’s account. For example, a subscriber can be watching a video through IPTV at home, then have to leave, and be able to pick up the movie from where they left off on their PDA, personal computer, or mobile phone.
  • Why an Open Solutions Environment is the Future of IPTV: Today applications are tightly coupled to the specifics of the network and video infrastructure so that applications built for one network can’t run on another network without changing network components. An open solutions environment means the network is not proprietary so new services can be quickly developed by Nortel, another vendor, or in-house and require less network development. This translates to lower costs for our customers, faster time to market and greater value for their subscribers.

David Holt, leader of Video Solutions EMEA, Nortel, will be speaking at two key IPTV World Forum events on March 12: The cross-platform service experience 2009 – from 2:50 to-3:10 pm; and the Managing multimedia and quad play services panel discussion – from 3:30 to 4:00 pm.