Local production of STBs for ER-Telecom begins

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015
ER-Telecom logo

The first batch of TV set-top boxes has rolled off the production line in Russia

In Perm, the Morion plant has started serial production of set-top boxes providing access to digital TV. By the end of the year, based on Dom.ru order, over 100 thousand STB Dom.ru TV Mini will be assembled at the Morion plant. 3-year production turnover will total about RUB 4 billion.

Assembly, software installation and testing are performed at a new specialized production line at the Morion plant. The line deploys modern equipment that meets the principles of lean technologies and utmost ergonomics. The assembly site has 25 new workplaces.

Previously, Dom.ru TV Mini were assembled by Korean KAON company, today the company supplies the parts and controls the quality of assembly. The localization of production in Russia is a part of Dom.ru strategy: “The launch in the market of the equipment produced locally will provide access to advanced technologies and will allow using them for further economic development”, notes Andrey Semerikov, General Director of the company.

Prior to the launch of production in Russia, ER-Telecom (Dom.ru brand), Morion and Kaonmedia Ltd. signed a trilateral cooperation agreement at the International Economic Forum in Saint-Petersburg.

In 2016, it is planned to assemble up to 1 million KAON set-top boxes at Morion, allowing the company to fully transfer to our country the production of hybrid set-top boxed for the operators in Russia and the CIS countries.

Dom.ru TV Mini allows watching digital and HD channels on any TV, including outdated models. The compact device is connected to the TV via HDMI connector (or a special adapter), it is easy to setup and managed by a special control panel. Also, Dom.ru Mini opens the access to certain additional functions of digital TV, including TV guide (e-program), programs recording to an external USB-drive and their pausing, choice of channel language, parental control (password to the channels), creating personal channel lists. By connecting Dom.ru TV Mini, a user can watch up to 187 digital channels with 62 of them – in HD format.