Chips&Media releases ultra small HEVC/H.265 codec IP

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016
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Chips&Media Inc. releases its new ultra small size and low power HEVC/H.265 codec IP

SEOUL, Korea — Chips&Media Inc. a leading video codec IP provider announced today it has completed the development of ultra small size HEVC/H.265 codec IP, WAVE420L and started to license it to customers. Chips&Media Inc. had ever released the world’s first HEVC/H.265 codec IP, WAVE420 in 2014 and licensed it for over ten multimedia chipset companies so far. However, some customers has kept requesting smaller size HEVC/H.265 codec with good encoder quality for various kinds of applications such as IoT, wearables, IP cameras, mobile and other low end products. So the 2nd generation HEVC/H.265 codec IP, WAVE420L perfectly matches this kind of market requirements.

HEVC/H.265 gets more and more popular in the multimedia market, which drives SoC companies to design more cost effective SoCs. This new super tiny size HEVC/H.265 codec, WAVE420L is based on the 1st generation HEVC/H.265 codec IP, WAVE420 – the best UHD class HEVC/H.265 codec IP product, inheriting lossless frame buffer compression technology to save bandwidth. However, the new WAVE420L focuses on differentiation not only with tremendously reduced IP size compared to WAVE420, achievement of low bandwidth and high energy efficiency, but also with adoption of 3D Noise Reduction function to provide the best encoder quality. It particularly is designed to fit into broader low-cost target applications such as wearable devices, low cost IP cam/sportcam, automotive SoCs supporting from Full HD to Ultra HD video.

With this WAVE420L release, HEVC/H.265 which was adopted mainly in high-end SoCs is expected to be more widely used in mid/low-end multimedia SoCs and to help expand the potential HEVC/H.265 market. Considering that die size is the most critical issue in the market, this small size HEVC/H.265 makes it ideal for SoC companies to replace old H.264 with new HEVC/H.265 with more ease. Chips&Media said that the prospect of cost-effective HEVC/H.265 IP is very positive given that there are currently many SoC vendors interested in WAVE420L upon its release and several customers from surveillance, mobile, and IoT have already finished their evaluation and are about to adopt this new small size HEVC/H.265 codec IP.

Starting with WAVE420L, Chips&Media Inc. will continue to introduce a few more new video IPs that meet customers’ needs in 2016, and high class performance WAVE5 series will be the next one soon.