INSIDE Secure collaborates with Microsoft on 4K/UHD and HDR security

Thursday, January 7th, 2016
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INSIDE Secure Collaborates with Microsoft to Address Hollywood Studios’ Security Requirements for 4K/UHD and HDR Content

  • INSIDE Secure’s support for Microsoft’s PlayReady Porting Kit V3.0 allows it to provide an improved DRM solution for over-the-top content by combining hardware and software security

LAS VEGAS — INSIDE Secure (Paris:INSD) (Euronext : INSD), a leader in embedded security solutions for mobile and connected devices, today announced that the company is collaborating with Microsoft to upgrade its popular DRM Fusion implementation of PlayReady to enhance the security of over-the-top (OTT) content distribution by combining hardware and software security. The new solution addresses Hollywood Studios’ requirements for increased security for enhanced content protection.

Movie piracy is a growing problem. Hollywood studios take many steps to protect their content, but any weak link in the chain can lead to a security breach. Service providers and broadcasters are actively working on ways to protect content.

“Microsoft, with the help of companies like INSIDE Secure, recognizes the need to enhance security in order to reduce piracy,” said George Ayad, Global Director, Partnerships & Alliances for Microsoft PlayReady. “With DRM Fusion’s implementation of Microsoft PlayReady Porting Kit 3.0, decrypted video is never available outside of a device’s Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) or a secure connection during transmission, ensuring content is protected from end to end. In addition, DRM Fusion’s implementation gives access to the latest PlayReady functionalities included in PK3.0, like the real time expiration enforcement.”

Until recently, purely software-based security for DRM implementations was considered satisfactory to protect all content. However, the emergence of new threats has led to a mandate for the combination of hardware and software security for premium content. In April 2015, Microsoft launched PlayReady Porting Kit version 3.0 (PK 3.0), a new release of its leading DRM solution, for a combined hardware and software security solution.

INSIDE Secure has been collaborating with Microsoft since 2010 and now provides the market leading implementation of Microsoft PlayReady via its award-winning DRM Fusion solution. This latest implementation allows customers to securely distribute and monetize 4K/UHD and HDR content by using a trusted application (TA) to protect encryption assets, decrypt premium content and manage digital rights in a trusted execution environment (TEE).

Benefits of the newly upgraded version of DRM Fusion include:

  • Technology from the market leader (more than 80 DRM Fusion deployments and 100 million daily users)
  • Approved by Hollywood Studios for premium content distribution
  • Supports Microsoft PlayReady PK3.0

“DRM Fusion is a multi-DRM solution that has been deployed over 80 times by broadcasters, including HBO, BBC, Sky, Orange, Canal+, and Bell Canada, and is used by more than 100 million consumers every day,” said Andrew McLennan, EVP Mobile Security Division of INSIDE Secure. “DRM Fusion is based on INSIDE Secure’s award-winning application protection solution that includes integrity checking, anti-reverse engineering and the scrambling of keys and other secrets. Device manufacturers can also use DRM Fusion in conjunction with chipsets that incorporate our hardware security IPs to address content owners’ security specifications.”