Digital Media Adaptors to reach 60 million by 2019

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016
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The worldwide digital media adaptor (a.k.a. Media Streamers, OTT Boxes) market is expecting to grow strongly and approach 60 million shipments in 2019, detailed in Futuresource Consulting’s recent digital media adaptor report.

Dominated by a few large brands outside of China, including Apple and Google – two of the largest global technology companies – the market was expected to see Google’s Chromecast account for almost 30% share of the market by volume in 2015, with Amazon’s Fire TV making noticeable gains in the market.

The Chinese market is expected to continue to see large volumes from domestic brands despite numerous government interventions hindering growth in the market.

Over-the-top content streaming devices provide consumers with a viable, and low cost alternative to native smart TV functionality along with an often much simpler user interface. With popular products available for below $50, consumers have a readymade option to replace their native smart TV experience or extend the life of a set after in-built smart functionality has come to an end.

“Media streamers are not the flash in the pan they were originally thought to be,” commented David Tett, Market Analyst at Futuresource Consulting. “With many low cost options, consumers are turning to DMAs to extend the life of their TV, and are also more willing to replace these devices regularly.”