Exset creates EPG ad-insertion middleware for emerging markets

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016
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Exset creates value-add services ecosystem for emerging markets with new DMS 5.0

THE NETHERLANDS — With the launch of DMS 5.0 and its underlying technology architecture shift, Exset is now providing a complete value-add ecosystem for operators in emerging markets or markets in digital transition. This includes full set-box integration and supply at a price point that allows operators to push forwards into digital. Exset is exhibiting on the Rentak Setia booth 4A1-03 at Broadcast Asia 2016 where DMS 5.0 will be demonstrated.

By switching to a new underlying technology, DMS’ capabilities have been significantly increased with the launch of version 5.0. Via DMS – a low-cost, powerful middleware that powers value-add services – Exset now provides the complete EPG, including the opening up of the back end to operators. This has two key advantages: the EPG is now the same on every box, regardless of the manufacturer with which Exset integrates; operators can now fully manage the launch of new services, quickly and efficiently via the back end without worrying about the set-top box selected.

Andrew Pons, Global Director of Sales and Marketing, said, “Not only are we providing the powerful new version of DMS, we are supplying a whole value-add ecosystem, including DMS-integrated set-tops directly to operators and EPG services including ad insertion. This means they have the box with DMS integrated, the ability to create and launch services via the EPG, security options and the DMS publishing engine. With DMS 5.0 there’s also the enhanced EPG UI and its new smart advertising capabilities.”

Knowing that the EPG will typically be used around 15 times a day, Exset’s Smart EPG ad insertion allows operators to generate new revenue streams at no extra cost by inserting non-intrusive ads within the EPG. It uses EPG metadata to automatically and dynamically place ads based on users content choices.