beIN launches MENA’s first 4K Ultra HD satellite receiver

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016
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beIN Plans to Broadcast Eight Euro Matches in 4K

  • beIN Launches Region’s First 4K Ultra-HD Satellite Receiver Ahead of UEFA EURO

beIN announced today that it has launched it’s Ultra-High Definition (UHD) 4K receiver in MENA. beIN is the first pay-TV platform in the region to introduce the 4K technology that is quickly taking over the mainstream video ecosystem. The new beIN receiver offers complete PVR functionality and is available in the market ahead of this year’s much awaited sports event, UEFA Euro.

Customers in MENA have been able to buy 4K resolution TV sets for the last couple of years. However, until now 4K broadcast was not available in the region and hence the true potential of 4K TVs was un-utilized. With the launch of the beIN 4K receiver, as well as the confirmation of 4K broadcast of UEFA Euro matches, beIN is completing the two missing pieces of the 4K entertainment in MENA.


beIN 4K UHD receiver will be able to broadcast TV signal at 3,840 pixels (horizontally) x 2,160 lines (vertically). This resolution is four times better than conventional HD resolution. The result of this increased pixel breakdown is image clarity that is much more vibrant and varied. Color representation with 4K is closer to real life and more realistic as well as the frame rates are much higher enabling viewers to enjoy the best TV experience.

beIN launches it’s 4K UHD receiver in time for football fans to be able to enjoy this year’s top sporting event, UEFA Euro, in 4K. beIN will broadcast the opening match, all four quarter final matches, semi-final matches and the final of Euro in 4K. This is the first time that an event is being broadcast live in 4K in MENA. beIN will broadcast 4K matches on a dedicated channel called “beIN 4K”.

beIN will ensure a constant supply of 4K content through collaboration with various other entertainment and sports entities.

Esteban, Executive Director of Technology, was extremely excited with this latest launch and said, “beIN is the only regional pay TV network that currently broadcasts in true HD 1080p resolution, which is comparable to watching content through Blue Ray. With the launch of beIN 4K receiver, as well as broadcast of eight matches of Euro, beIN is clearly becoming the technological leader in the field of entertainment in MENA. For beIN it is important to ensure that our customers in MENA are experiencing the best of technology and content. Launch of beIN 4K receiver demonstrates beIN’s ability to offer cutting-edge technology and best TV experience, ahead of our competitors in MENA region.”

The new beIN 4K Receiver will be available across MENA region in first week of June. Customers can buy beIN 4K Receiver from select outlets.