DAZN and GeoComply to pilot Content Access Control system

Wednesday, February 21st, 2024 
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DAZN & GeoComply to pilot groundbreaking Content Access Control system

  • Global sports streaming leader to pioneer GeoComply’s advanced geolocation solution to help stop the use of hijacked residential IPs, tackle account sharing abuse and optimize territorial rights management

VANCOUVER, BC & LONDON, UK — GeoComply Solutions Inc. (“GeoComply”), a leading provider of cutting-edge anti-fraud and geolocation solutions, and DAZN Group (“DAZN”), the leading global sports streaming and entertainment platform, today announced a pilot for DAZN to adopt GeoComply’s advanced geolocation solution (GeoComply Core) to augment their Content Access Control systems.

DAZN launched GeoComply’s VPN and proxy detection solution, GeoGuard, last year and now plans to work side-by-side with the GeoComply team to break new ground and introduce the industry’s most powerful geolocation solution to the media and entertainment vertical. Together, GeoComply and DAZN will establish the benchmark for international media and entertainment businesses to adopt anti-fraud geolocation technology that goes beyond IP-based solutions. This advanced, spoof-proof technology enhances the accuracy of online fraud and piracy prevention and addresses the industry-wide issue of hijacked residential IPs being used to gain unauthorized access to content.

GeoComply Core is the industry standard for compliance-grade geolocation that helps protect over a billion online transactions per month to keep users safe online. GeoComply is already trusted by leading streaming services around the world including BBC, ITV, beIN Sports, and Amazon Prime Video, as well as gaming and financial services businesses operating in highly regulated markets.

The solution runs hundreds of location data, device integrity, and identity fraud checks on every geolocation transaction to detect suspicious activity and ensure content reaches the right audience, in the right location, at the right price. More specifically, GeoComply Core delivers superior geolocation capabilities that provide:

  • Accurate geo-targeting to uphold the requirements of rights owners: The technology helps ensure content exclusivity by distinguishing between legitimate viewers and fraudulent traffic – including users on hi-jacked residential IP addresses, such that DAZN can comply with requirements from sports leagues as part of its licensing agreements.
  • Accurate detection of account sharing: 31 percent of consumers have shared a streaming password with someone not in their household. GeoComply Core helps identify these hidden viewers and allows rights owners and streaming services to precisely target them to unlock new revenues, whilst protecting the credentials of legitimate users.
  • Fraud and piracy detection of live sports streaming including account takeover: Sharing account credentials is just the tip of the iceberg – the more concerning issue is account takeover and the use of synthetic identities, which are the most common form of cybercrime. GeoComply Core uses the industry’s most powerful geolocation technology to identify credential stuffing attacks and prevent cybercriminals from profiting from international media streaming services.

GeoComply CEO Anna Sainsbury said: “GeoComply’s tech was born from compliance needs in regulated industries, but has applications across multiple verticals, like media and entertainment. DAZN is leading the market when it comes to protecting content borders and adhering to sports league streaming requirements. It’s become clear that the streaming industry needs more than IP based blocking to support international streaming business models, which is exactly why we’re planning to work side-by-side with DAZN to deploy GeoComply Core as its solution for geolocation compliance.”

DAZN CTO Sandeep Tiku said: “The global sports streaming market is evolving at an incredibly rapid pace making it even more critical for us to put safeguards in place that will protect our contractual relationships with the sports leagues and ensure that we’re preventing the misuse of our platform by fraudsters. Working closely with GeoComply through 2023 we have been impressed by the advanced geolocation and fraud detection capabilities they have built which far exceeds anything we have seen elsewhere in the market. We believe in the technology and look forward to deploying it across our platform.”

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