Updates to DVB-I spec and implementation guidelines published

Tuesday, February 27th, 2024 
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Updates to DVB-I spec and implementation guidelines published

The most recent meeting cycle of DVB’s Technical and Commercial Modules led to the approval for publication of updates to two DVB BlueBooks related to DVB-I, the internet-centric mechanism to signal and discover television services, whether they are delivered over IP networks or broadcast networks. BlueBook A177r6 is the latest version of the DVB-I service discovery specification; and BlueBook A184r1 is the first revision of the implementation guidelines for DVB-I.

DVB Project - DVB-I: BlueBook A177r6 and BlueBook A184r1 covers

The new release of the DVB-I specification itself includes the following updates:

  • Signalling of accessibility services and of HbbTV applications for accessibility;
  • Signalling of a service provider’s homepage;
  • Support for signalling of 5G services, addressing gaps that had been identified in the deployment guidelines for DVB-I over 5G (TR 103 972 V1.1.1); and
  • Bug fixes and clarifications arising from industry trial activities.

BlueBook A177r6 will be submitted to ETSI for publication as TS 103 770 v1.2.1 in due course, pending further progress on verification and validation (V&V) activities.

Implementation guidelines

The updated specification is accompanied by a parallel update to the DVB-I implementation guidelines, BlueBook A184r1. Additions in this first revision of the guidelines include:

  • Examples of the use of the extensibility mechanism provided in the DVB-I Service List;
  • Information on how an app should obtain service lists for regions where the user is not currently located in (i.e., when roaming);
  • Clarifications on the use of parental rating information at service selection and programme boundaries; and
  • Information on the anticipated use of the service provider homepage information.

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