Comcast unveils plans to roll out Xfinity prepaid services

Thursday, July 21st, 2016
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The pay-as-you-go option will be available later this year in five states and everywhere by 2017. A new partnership with Boost Mobile will provide a new retail point-of-purchase option

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Comcast today announced plans to roll out Xfinity Prepaid Services, a pay-as-you-go offering that lets people sign-up for TV or Internet service and “refill” their subscription any time they would like, for either seven or 30 days. The TV and Internet services, which come without a credit check or contract, will be available later this year starting in Illinois, Michigan, Georgia, Florida and Indiana and offered everywhere within the Comcast footprint by the end of 2017.

Xfinity prepaid starter kit

Additionally, Comcast has signed a deal with Boost Mobile, a leader in the no-contract wireless industry, to offer Xfinity Prepaid at select Boost Mobile locations later this year and all 4,400 Boost Mobile locations within Comcast’s service area by the end of next year.

People who do not have a savings or checking account, what the FDIC refers to as “unbanked,” might be especially interested in Xfinity Prepaid Services. According to the FDIC, nearly 10 million U.S. households are unbanked and another 25 million are underbanked.

“We want to create an easy, pay-as-you-go option for people who want more flexibility and predictability when buying our services,” said Marcien Jenckes, Executive Vice President, Consumer Services, Comcast Cable. “And our partnership with Boost Mobile will give Xfinity Prepaid customers even more places where they can conveniently sign-up and pay-as-they-go.”

Consumers interested in Xfinity Prepaid Services pay a one-time set-up fee that includes all necessary equipment like a Wi-Fi modem, Digital Television Adapter (DTA), or remote control, and a complimentary 30 days of service. Prepaid customers can then pay-as-they-go and “refill” their service at any time, for either seven or 30 days. There are no limitations on the number of times the service can be renewed and customers can refill services on their own schedule. Comcast provides a discount for people who sign-up for both TV and Internet service at the same time. All pricing and package options can be found at

“We are excited to partner with Comcast and provide easy access to video and broadband services to our Boost Mobile customers,” said Jim Hyde, President, Boost Mobile. “Through our unique distribution model, we provide benefits to both our customers and our retail partners.”