CableClix preparing Virtual Private Cable Network rollout

Friday, August 26th, 2016
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CableClix (USA), Inc. Provides Corporate Update

WINCHESTER, Va. — CableClix (USA), Inc. (OTCPK:CCLX) (“CableClix” or the “Company”) following on from its previous announcements, is prepared to begin a nationwide roll out of its live streaming television services in select US markets during the fourth quarter of 2016. The CableClix Virtual Private Cable Network™ or VPCN™, will build virtual cable networks over the Internet that mimic existing cable television franchises. The VPCN™ will begin in select metropolitan broadcast areas in Tier 1 cities across the US with a deployment schedule to be announced later this calendar year.

Mark Bayliss, Chief Technology Officer and Founder of CableClix indicated, “Five years ago, some of the most innovative minds conceived of the next killer app that would deliver live television, premium channels, and a vast library of video-on-demand content directly to a viewer on any device of their choosing. That time has arrived, and the VPCN™ is the vehicle that will deliver this service. Today, devices ranging from video game platforms to cable box peripherals are offering a limited number of channels for monthly fees that are comparable to a typical cable or satellite service. CableClix will offer an over-the-top cable network that gives a broadband ISPs the ability to offer a virtual cable network, rich with live streaming content, without the investment in large, complex distribution infrastructure.”

Bayliss adds, “This provides consumers with a true alternative to the status quo cable and satellite television providers. With CableClix, you can choose the channels you want and have access to a wide array of local, geographical, and international content unavailable through traditional providers. This results in streamlined, customizable viewing experiences uniquely available through the CableClix VPCN™.”

With the completion of the set top box design and major production set to begin in the coming quarter, CableClix expects to have its set top boxes available as a cord-cutter kit that rivals Apple, Roku, and others. “We are working through the necessary negotiations to have the CableClix cord-cutter kit available in the leading US retailers of home electronics and entertainment”, says Kris Domich, CEO and President of CableClix. Domich adds, “The kits will be available online and in traditional brick-and-mortar stores within our initial target market areas. ISPs that wish to offer live streaming television to their customers should contact CableClix find out when the service will be available in their area.”

In preparation for this nationwide rollout, CableClix is finalizing significant cable television franchise agreements in key broadcast areas. These agreements will allow the rapid deployment of the CableClix broadcasting infrastructure. “Municipalities are excited about entering into these agreements with CableClix versus a traditional cable television company because our solution requires no easements or right of ways,” Domich added.