Evolution Digital eBOX IP Hybrid STB for Alaska's GCI

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016
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Evolution Digital Reaches Agreement with GCI and Expands Customer List for eBOX IP Hybrid

CENTENNIAL, Colo. — Evolution Digital today announces it has reached agreement with General Communications Inc. (GCI) to deploy the revolutionary eBOX® IP Hybrid Set-Top Box, powered by TiVo®, to GCI customers in select service regions. GCI delivers residential and business telecommunications services primarily to residents across the state of Alaska.

eBOX powered by TiVo

“We are pleased to announce that GCI is joining the growing list of cable operators that are choosing Evolution Digital’s eBOX to address the adapting needs and wants of consumers,” said Marc Cohen, executive vice president of sales. “GCI has been an outstanding customer of ours, and we look forward to furthering our great working relationship with them as we continue to disrupt the cable industry by offering viewers a rich and superior viewing experience.”

Evolution Digital’s eBOX, powered by TiVo, offers viewers an enhanced HD offering through an integrated video viewing experience. eBOX delivers QAM live linear television combined with OTT streaming apps all on one integrated platform, making content search and navigation easier than ever.

“GCI strives to ensure that our subscribers have the best and latest technology to guarantee the highest satisfaction,” said Heather Handyside, GCI’s director of communication. “Evolution Digital’s eBOX is a one of a kind offering, as it allows us to offer our subscribers the best content available across multiple video services, making the viewing experience enriched and streamlined.”

GCI joins the expanding roster of nationwide cable operators deploying eBOX, which include WOW!, Mediacom Communications, Advanced Cable Communications and several member operators in the National Cable Television Cooperative.
Evolution Digital’s eBOX supports the world-renowned TiVo interface for a seamless user experience. All content is available on one device, so viewers do not have to switch HDMI inputs, boxes or remotes. Universal search, personal recommendations and browse are all features included on Evolution Digital’s eBOX.