NEOTION and Verimatrix collaborate to secure the smart home

Monday, February 27th, 2017

NEOTION and VERIMATRIX strengthen their partnership to secure video data into Neohome smart home solution

AUBAGNE, France — NEOTION extends its historic partnership with VERIMATRIX in protecting Digital TV content for Pay TV Operators to help secure the Digital Home.

NEOTION has developed an end-to-end solution under the “Neohome” brand, a complete secure smart home solution from connected devices at home to the cloud-based services platform specifically designed for Operators.

Because assuring security in these applications requires a range of specialist expertise, NEOTION understandably has chosen to partner with VERIMATRIX to secure surveillance video data streams as a first step of its Neohome services. Verimatrix helps assure a firm foundation of trusted technology where operators face new operating and security risks due to an increasingly connected and complex ecosystem.

Additionally, preserving a level of trust with their customers is a key competitive advantage for Operators at a time of heightened competition. Relying on combination of security expertise from NEOTION and VERIMATRIX becomes a key element for Operators for a successful penetration of the booming smart home market.

Leveraging the proven Verimatrix VCAS™ platform for the Neohome solution will enable any Operator to integrate video security concerns across the new offerings challenges, starting with the very first step in smart home services – protecting video content for remote monitoring.

NEOTION and VERIMATRIX are working closely together on security architectures for Neohome, including integrating VERIMATRIX ViewRight® client technologies into the Neohome Gateway. We invite you to join us and discover more on the future of security in smart home solutions.

“VERIMATRIX is the right partner for securing Neohome and moving a step ahead in delivering the appropriate secure solution to all Operators entering this new and complex market. NEOTION’s partnership with VERIMATRIX is well established in the Broadcast TV business and we are confident to extend it beyond addressing fixed and mobile operators in Europe, and even across the globe. ” said Olivier DEMOLY, Sales & Marketing Director at NEOTION.

“We are excited to work with NEOTION in extending the applications of VCAS to home security,” commented Petr Peterka, CTO at Verimatrix. “This type of expanded application demonstrates both the core capabilities of our product range and future applications in a more connected marketplace”.

Feel free to visit NEOTION booth at Mobile World Congress, for a Neohome live demo, Hall 5 Stand B21.