Telegraaf VNDG online video platform to be launched 1 May

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

Telegraaf VNDG accessible to everyone at no charge

AMSTERDAM — On 1 May, De Telegraaf will be introducing Telegraaf VNDG. A completely new video platform will be launched with the introduction of Telegraaf VNDG, with content relating to news, sports and entertainment that can be viewed by the consumer where, when and how he/she desires. Telegraaf VNDG will be accessible to everyone at no charge. In addition, Telegraaf subscribers will have access to the platform’s premium content free of charge. Telegraaf VNDG will go live on 1 May and from that point onward, videos and programmes will gradually be added to the platform so that its available content will continue to increase.

Available anywhere anytime

In addition to the paper version of its newspaper and its website, Telegraaf VNDG will provide De Telegraaf with a completely new platform that can be accessed with various devices. Via on the desktop and via the Telegraaf VNDG app (iOS/Android) on mobile and tablet devices. Users will have access to videos and programmes relating to news, sports and entertainment on Telegraaf VNDG. Throughout the entire day and in various forms. The programmes can be viewed according to pre-established schedules and on-demand. This means that content is always available anytime and anywhere.

News, sports and entertainment

Telegraaf VNDG will provide a mix of news, sports and entertainment. For example, there are news bulletins, football and hockey summaries, as well as various programmes, including ‘The Real Estavana – the Story behind the Sportswoman’, ‘Diary of a Lover’ and ‘Van den Heuvel Seeks Justice’. The programmes are presented by well-known and trusted Telegraaf personalities and new personalities. The news will be brought to you by personalities such as Pim Sedee, Maarten Steendam and Wilson Boldewijn. Monique Smit is one of the personalities of Privé VNDG and the popular VROUW serial ‘Diary of a Lover’ has been filmed with roles for Eva Laurenssen and Viggo Waas. News bulletins and a number of programmes can be viewed from the very beginning of the platform’s launch on 1 May. The platform’s content will gradually be further expanded through the continuous addition of videos and programmes.

Strategic Step

It is TMG’s ambition to provide high-quality, personalised and relevant content relating to news, sports and entertainment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The key focus of TMG’s 24/7 strategy is the consumer’s wishes. The consumer determines the form, the channel and the time. The new video platform makes use of the strength of the brands De Telegraaf, DFT, Telesport, Privé, Autovisie and VROUW. Telegraaf VNDG builds further onto the foundation provided by the nearly 24.5 million video views currently realised by De Telegraaf each month. TMG is taking an important strategic step with the introduction of Telegraaf VNDG.