A-VSB Initiative Demonstrates the First end-to-end ATSC-Compatible Mobile Broadcast TV Platform

Monday, April 14th, 2008

  • NAB Demonstration of complete end-to-end platform shows that A-VSB powered mobile broadcast TV, compatible with broadcasters’ current ATSC spectrum and facilities, is ready for commercial service
  • A-VSB Initiative member companies include Samsung Electronics, MobiTV, Nokia Siemens Networks, Rohde & Schwarz and SES AMERICOM’s IP-PRIME®
  • Consumer trials to be held in 2008; broadcast equipment and OMA BCAST service management application are commercially available now; service rollout is expected in 2009.

LAS VEGAS — NAB2008 — The A-VSB Initiative, whose members include Samsung Electronics, MobiTV, Nokia Siemens Networks, Rohde & Schwarz and SES AMERICOM’s IP-PRIME®, announced a live demonstration of an end-to-end broadcast mobile TV platform at NAB. The platform has been proposed to the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) as an open ATSC Mobile/Handheld (ATSC-M/H) standard. It includes the A-VSB physical layer and global standard OMA BCAST service layer for mobile broadcasting, showing live local and national content as well as interactivity. NAB attendees can view the platform and mobile devices at the A-VSB Initiative booth (Hall C, Booth 1539) and via a demonstration bus that will circulate outside the convention center (seats can be reserved at the booth).

The live demonstration at NAB 2008 uses existing Las Vegas transmission infrastructure owned by the Sinclair Broadcasting Group (station KVMY) and Telemundo (station KBLR). In addition to live local and national programming, interactivity and electronic service guide functionality are also being demonstrated for the first time in an ATSC-compatible mobile broadcast system.

A-VSB is a proposed open-standard and backward-compatible enhancement of the existing U.S. digital TV broadcasting system. It empowers local TV stations’ broadcast spectrum to reach mobile audiences on devices such as portable media players, mobile phones, personal computers, and in-vehicle entertainment systems. A-VSB is the leading proposed standard for mobile broadcast TV under review by the ATSC–the first proposed, the first publicly demonstrated, the first to be implemented in integrated receiver chips, and now, the first to conduct a complete commercial grade end-to-end platform demonstration.

The A-VSB platform will deliver programming and interactive applications to consumers on mobile devices “in-band,” i.e., through local TV stations’ existing transmitters and spectrum. Consumer trials planned for later in 2008 in one or more U.S. markets will illustrate the business opportunities that A-VSB powered mobile TV can bring to the broadcasting, advertising, wireless, digital media, interactive services, and consumer electronics industries. As the only commercially-ready, complete and open solution for in-band mobile broadcast TV, A-VSB stands ready to power the commercial launch of mobile broadcast TV services in 2009. A-VSB is ready for rapid deployment by broadcasters at low capital investment and no cost to buy new spectrum. See the attached fact sheet for technical information about A-VSB.

A-VSB Initiative Members and their roles in the NAB demonstration and/or the planned consumer trials are as follows:

Samsung Electronics will supply the devices with receiver chips, such as handsets and portable computers, which will be used as the receiving hardware in the trials.

Nokia Siemens Networks will be delivering an OMA BCAST 1.0 compliant mobile broadcast TV service platform, that manages the delivery of audio/video/data content, and provides service and content protection in addition to a user friendly Electronic Service Guide.

MobiTV is providing interactive applications such as voting, polling, mCommerce, audience measurement and participation television.

SES AMERICOM‘s IP-PRIME® is aggregating and encoding the national content, integrating security and a service guide, and providing the satellite delivery backbone to participating broadcast stations.

Rohde & Schwarz is providing transmission equipment including broadcast test and measurement, exciters and integration into existing broadcast infrastructure. This enables broadcasters to quickly and easily convert their transmission equipment for A-VSB service.