Sling TV ad slots now available programmatically through SpotX

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017
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Sling TV Activates Addressability with Programmatic Advertising Across Top Segments

  • Sling TV and SpotX announce partnership to make anonymous addressable impressions available to advertisers
  • Initial offering includes targeted segments available for real-time programmatic bidding

Advertisers seeking targeted consumer segments across premium over-the-top (OTT) video can now bid in real time on anonymous targeted impressions on Sling TV using one of the newly introduced top addressable data segments.

In a new partnership announced today, Sling TV’s premium inventory is now available programmatically through video ad serving platform SpotX, along with addressable consumer segments, like would-be-vacationers, auto intenders and back to school shoppers. These segments will be anonymously matched with Sling TV subscribers for ads to be dynamically inserted in live and on-demand content via SpotX’s platform.

“As we add more ad targeting opportunities on Sling TV, we’re creating turn-key, off-the-shelf segments for brands seeking the most popular audiences at a given time,” said Adam Lowy, director of Advanced TV and Digital Sales with DISH Media Sales and Sling TV.

DISH Media Sales anonymously matches its first-party Sling TV subscriber data to timely events and vertical markets to identify top addressable segments, utilizing its expertise built through years of experience in addressable TV on DISH. The anonymous data is aggregated and the impressions are made available for advertisers to buy in real time via controlled, brand-safe private marketplaces facilitated by SpotX’s ad serving and programmatic enablement technology.

“For instance, we’re creating a ‘Vacationer’ segment coveted by brands as we move into summer,” Lowy explained. “We’ve anonymously matched Sling TV subscribers to the target criteria so ads can be dynamically inserted on Sling TV on the big screen in the living room or on a mobile device as they plan their weekend getaway or head to the beach.”

Target criteria for “Vacationers” include consumer behavior such as past summer travel.

“Vacationers” is available today, along with “Auto Intenders” as the busy car-buying season approaches. A “Back to School” segment will be available soon, for advertisers seeking to reach parents.

“Dynamic ad insertion across premium live and on-demand content with highly targeted custom audience segments is a rarity in the market,” said Ben Abbatiello, vice president of Strategic Accounts at SpotX. “The addition of this content to the programmatic ecosystem is a significant step forward for advertisers and reinforces Sling TV as a top innovator in our industry.”

“Advertisers will benefit from the control and transparency of the private marketplace environment, giving them the certainty that their campaigns are delivering with full-screen viewability in brand-safe, premium environments,” added Abbatiello.

Layering data on a programmatic buy is the latest way DISH Media Sales and Sling TV are introducing advertisers to the premium TV experience in the digital ad ecosystem. Sling TV ads reach consumers — wherever and whenever they’re watching — with the advanced targeting, reporting and controls of the digital world.

Sling TV impressions are available to numerous demand side platforms through the SpotX’s video ad serving platform, including: Adobe, AOL, AppNexus, BrightRoll, DataXu, Google DBM, MediaMath, The Trade Desk, Turn, VideoAmp and Videology.