Deutsche Telekom media receivers awarded the Blue Angel

Monday, September 4th, 2017
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World’s first set top boxes to carry the ecolabel

  • Certificate to be presented by Vice-President of the German Federal Environment Agency
  • Deutsche Telekom first major telecommunications company to use the Blue Angel label on its own products

The Blue Angel (Blauen Engel) is being conferred on Media Receiver Entry and Media Receiver 201 at the IFA trade show in Berlin. The two products are the first and only set top boxes in the world to carry the German Federal Government’s ecolabel. Vice-President of the German Environment Agency (UBA), Dr. Thomas Holzmann, is presenting the certificate to Michael Hagspihl, Director of Consumers at Telekom Deutschland, on September 4.

Deutsche Telekom receives the Blue Angel

Michael Hagspihl und Dr. Thomas Holzmann (v.l.)
Left: Michael Hagspihl, Director Consumer Telekom Deutschland.
Right: Dr. Thomas Holzmann , Vice-President of the German Environment Agency

“Deutsche Telekom has decided to make environmental and sustainability considerations core elements in its product portfolio for the long term and is pursuing this well-established ecolabel. Carrying the Blue Angel creates more transparency regarding the environmental credentials of our media receivers. This means our customers can be guided by Germany’s best-known ecolabel,” says Hagspihl.

“These savings don’t just protect the environment, they also look after your household budget in the long run,” points out UBA Vice-President Holzmann.

Deutsche Telekom is the first major telecommunications company in Germany to use the Blue Angel label on its own products. For example, in 2013, Sinus handsets became the first, and so far only, DECT telephones to carry the Blue Angel. The Speedphone range followed in 2015. Thanks to this commitment, Deutsche Telekom was awarded the Blue Angel under the auspices of the German Sustainability Award. The media receivers are now the third category of products to earn this ecolabel, and Deutsche Telekom is planning to submit other products for the label so it can carry forward its CR strategy.

The Blue Angel is the best known ecolabel in Germany, with an awareness score of over 80 percent. It highlights products and services that are more environmentally friendly than alternative products. Strict criteria dictate which products can carry the label, which has proven to be an excellent point of reference for environmentally friendly products since 1978.