INVIDI and Foxtel to bring addressable television to Australia

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017
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INVIDI Introduces Addressable Television to Foxtel and Australia

  • First time addressable capability is available through linear, satellite and OTT delivery systems

PRINCETON, NJ — INVIDI Technologies and Foxtel announced today they have entered into a licensing agreement bringing addressable television to Australia across satellite-delivered, IP and Internet delivered content. This marks the first time the benefits of INVIDI’s addressable technology will be available in Australia to viewers, advertisers, distributors and programmers. Significantly, this is also the first time anywhere that advertisers will control reach, frequency and ad separation across three delivery systems – linear, satellite and OTT.

This agreement will allow Foxtel’s satellite-delivered linear content to target insertion by internet protocol (IP) ads locally inserted into Foxtel’s satellite-delivered content as it plays on the viewer’s television. This technology deployment also includes other local linear satellite content such as rewind buffer and recordings.

Similarly for IP and Internet-delivered linear and VOD content, INVIDI’s addressable technology allows targeted ad insertion delivered into the IP stream. In both cases the experience will be completely transparent to the viewer, who will receive television advertising informed by the viewer’s own interests and buying habits through a privacy-protected methodology. Television spots will be delivered to both IP set top boxes as well as OTT.

Foxtel has 2.3 million subscribers in Australia receiving television programming through satellite and IP linear streams. They also have access to video on demand. This agreement entitles Foxtel to use INVIDI’s proprietary technology to serve television commercials relevant to each household independent of media type. As a prominent member of the Asia Pacific marketplace, this pioneering agreement will allow Foxtel to lead its industry partners in rolling out a revolutionary new technology.

Addressability has revolutionized the television industry by making viewing a more satisfying experience, allowing marketers to reach their target audiences without wasting impressions and greatly enhancing the value of advertising inventory for distributors and programmers.

INVIDI CEO Dave Downey said “We’re very excited about reaching this agreement between Foxtel and INVIDI; not only does it bring addressable television to Australia for the first time but it also demonstrates the versatility of our proprietary technology through its ability to provide addressability through not just one but several delivery systems.

Peter Tonagh, CEO of Foxtel said “Foxtel has chosen Invidi as our addressable technology partner due to their unparalleled experience and market leadership in the addressable space. We know addressability will help us to connect our customers to more of the content they love, and along with the financial benefits demonstrated through addressable advertising in the US and other markets we are looking forward to introducing this innovation to the Australian market. It’s a really powerful tool that’s unique to Foxtel in the market,” he said. “Intelligent content discovery through data is a must-have today, our ability to show customers content we know they’ll love is a competitive advantage.” Tonagh said Foxtel will have the only “household-targeted, brand-safe, full-screen, sound-on video offering for advertisers in Australia.”

The introduction of addressable television in Australia is INVIDI’s latest geographic expansion, following highly successful deployments in the United States, Canada and Europe.