IRIS.TV launches AI-powered marketplace for branded content

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017
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Powering In-Stream Branded Video For Brands Like Bud Light to Engage Audiences on Premium Sites

LOS ANGELES, CA. — IRIS.TV, a video personalization pioneer that enables publishers and marketers to maximize revenue on their owned and operated digital properties, today announced IRIS.TV for Brands, a private marketplace for brands to distribute branded video in-stream alongside contextually relevant content and across hundreds of premium publisher sites and apps.

Using augmented intelligence and machine learning technology, IRIS.TV treats branded assets like content, not pre-roll, resulting in higher completion rates as the platform knows when and where to present the video to achieve the highest engagement and completion rates. IRIS.TV recently partnered with the ID Agency to distribute a branded video campaign for AB/InBev through brand-safe premium publisher sites, with a goal to achieve engagement rates better than social or out-stream placement.

“Using IRIS.TV ’s video personalization technology, we were able to place a number of branded video campaigns, including a recent piece for AB/InBev (Bud Light) inside contextually relevant streams and found that 20 percent of viewers watched the entire 100-second video when played after editorial content on premium publisher websites,” said Alex Boyce, from The ID Agency.

IRIS.TV’s data network is built on billions of video views segmented by variables including; geography, device, and contextual content verticals providing brand-safe distribution at scale. Unlike pre-roll, with IRIS.TV’s in-stream branded content, brands and marketers only pay for how long content is viewed ensuring performance is maximized and the audience is engaged.

“Today’s brands need to take an audience-first approach and ensure that content is engaging and delivered at the right time and place,” said Boyce. “Traditional and pre-roll ads aren’t delivering the same return as they used to. Branded content allows the opportunity to present a story versus a pitch, and with IRIS.TV, brands can optimize content strategies, dial-in audience engagement and actually increase brand perception.”

IRIS.TV empowers its media partners with actionable insights to augment content strategy, reach targeted audiences, and reinvest new revenue into audience expansion. Brands also have access to user behavioral data to test campaigns and optimize content strategy.

“We’ve lost the concept of ads being part of the entertainment experience. Too much emphasis has been placed on volume of impressions without proper attention to the quality of user experience and brand affinity. This is why we created IRIS.TV for Brands, to enable marketers the ability for creative storytelling through branded content and distributing it in-stream into smart playlists on premium publisher sites,” said Field Garthwaite, CEO & Co-Founder, IRIS.TV. “The days of seeing the same pre-roll ad repeatedly when you’re catching up on news or highlights from the game last night are over. Consumers tune out and brands lose the value of those impressions. With IRIS.TV, not only do brands gain more control and brand-safe distribution, they also gain prescriptive insights to help inform future content strategies and programming.”

IRIS.TV, a chosen partner of leading broadcasters and publishers like CBS, Time Inc., Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter, leverages its personalization engine fueled by AI to optimize content and distribution strategies as well as user experience.

Leveraging machine augmented intelligence, IRIS.TV continuously learns from audience viewing behaviors to ensure branded video is placed alongside contextually relevant content across owned-and-operated premium publisher sites.