DISH Media partners with PubMatic on programmatic for SLING TV

Thursday, February 15th, 2024 
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DISH Media Partners with PubMatic to Accelerate Programmatic Demand for SLING TV

  • DISH Media leans in on a data-driven approach in its latest collaboration with PubMatic, giving advertisers more optimization and better control of ad spend

NO-HEADQUARTERS/REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — PubMatic (Nasdaq: PUBM), an independent technology company delivering digital advertising’s supply chain of the future, today announced a partnership with DISH Media (NASDAQ: SATS) that allows SLING TV to tap into PubMatic’s supply path optimization partnerships to access premium demand via private marketplace deals.

SLING TV and PubMatic’s new partnership comes as more consumers seek ad supported streaming providers as a primary means for engaging with TV content. According to Insider Intelligence, virtual multichannel video programming distributor (vMVPD) viewership is expected to rise by over 40% since 2020, reaching 42 million U.S. viewers in 2024, while traditional pay TV viewership declined by more than 30% over the same period. To enable brands to best engage this growing audience, DISH Media will pass valuable content signals in the bid stream, such as genre or network, enabling advertisers to improve targeting and campaign ROI.

The partnership enables DISH Media to access PubMatic’s growing list of supply path optimization partners, which collectively make up over 45% of all activity on the PubMatic platform. This is another avenue for advertisers to access premium ad inventory on SLING from a leading sell-side technology provider, including high-quality content and desirable audience segments that are often exclusive or restricted to select advertisers.

“We are strategically expanding our partnerships with SSPs to amplify scale and flexibility for our buyers,” said Andrew Tint, head of programmatic partnerships, DISH Media. “Transparency remains a core focus, and in this pursuit, we are excited to announce PubMatic as our newest partner. With an extended SSP footprint, we are providing buyers with unparalleled flexibility, empowering them to make purchasing decisions that align seamlessly with their strategic goals.”

Brad Stockton, senior vice president of video innovation at dentsu added, “DISH Media and PubMatic’s partnership will create more opportunities for advertisers to be in front of the right audiences during major seasonal advertising periods while accessing valuable targeting signals to improve ROI. We are excited to be partnering with them to bring more innovative solutions to clients and build on our advertising supply chain.”

PubMatic’s buyers will now have access to premium programming on SLING, plus a diverse range of live sports content with channels like ESPN, NFL Network, FS1, TBS and TNT. Major global sporting events including the Paris Summer Olympic Games and Copa America in the U.S., will account for a significant boost in ad spending in 2024. In search of performance amidst ongoing structural changes to the digital ad market, advertisers are expected to look towards programmatic CTV that combines the precision targeting of digital with the prestige user engagement of traditional TV.

“This year is shaping up to be a monumental year for CTV advertising as targeting signals disappear from other digital channels and the political season drives increased live TV viewership,” said Nicole Scaglione, VP, CTV/OTT and Online Video at PubMatic. “We are excited to partner with DISH Media to offer our advertisers access to the valuable inventory on SLING and enable them to tap into rich targeting signals to drive their campaign objectives.”

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