IPTV Set-Top Boxes - $3 Billion Business in 2012

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008
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The IMS Research study ‘IPTV: A Global Market Analysis – 2008 Edition’ forecasts that, on a worldwide basis, shipments of IP set-top boxes will grow at a CAGR of 37.1% through the end of 2012. These shipments will represent revenues of $3 billion. IP + Digital Terrestrial hybrid STBs are expected to comprise 30% of shipments in 2012 with HD DVR boxes nearing 35%.

Shane Walker, research analyst and author of the study, states, “HD IP set-top box shipments are forecast to grow as uptake of HD IPTV services in the US, Korea, Japan, and Western Europe begins to accelerate in the near to intermediate term. DVR functionality is already gaining traction, especially in the areas previously mentioned, with DVR-enabled boxes expected to grow to nearly ten million units at the end of the forecast. In addition to HD and DVR functionality, we expect hybrid boxes (including satellite + IP and cable + IP) to be installed in the majority of households receiving a TV service via IP from an operator.”

This new study examines the worldwide IPTV market from infrastructure to operators, providing analysis on the delivery of linear and on-demand content via IP-based networks by telcos, as well as by cable and satellite pay-TV operators. In addition to detailed market breakdowns for IP STBs, the report provides analysis of current commercial and technological trends surrounding IPTV in 60 countries. In the report, IP STBs are further segmented by resolution and feature class.