comScore adds Advanced Audiences to its digital audience measurement solution

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018
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comScore Brings Advanced Audiences to its Flagship Digital Audience Measurement Solution

  • Inclusion of IAB, OTT and TV viewing segments allows media buyers and sellers to understand multi-platform audiences beyond age and gender

RESTON, Va. — comScore today announced the addition of new Advanced Audience segments to its digital audience measurement solution, Media Metrix Multi-Platform. The introduction of comScore Advanced Audiences™ provides Media Metrix subscribers with a deeper understanding of digital audiences based on their interests, lifestyles and behaviors. This is part of a broader comScore initiative to integrate Advanced Audiences across comScore products.

The initial release of Advanced Audiences in Media Metrix Multi-Platform includes IAB Digital Interests, which segment consumers by more than 300 diverse interest categories based on digital behavior. Future releases will include OTT and linear TV viewing segments to help marketers engage with these elusive, high-value audiences across platforms.

“With the industry’s growing focus on audience-based planning and buying across screens, our customers want insights beyond traditional demographics,” said Dan Hess, chief product officer at comScore. “By integrating Advanced Audiences into Media Metrix, we’re helping marketers deploy content and campaigns that efficiently reach their most important consumers.”