Reel Cash launches TV ratings based on paying viewers for their data

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018
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Reel Cash Launches An Alternative To Nielsen Ratings By Paying Viewers For Their Data

  • “Everyone wants viewer data for more accurate ratings, but no one has ever offered to pay the viewer for it. We’re the first to change that,” says Reel Cash founder Jeff Carr.

JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. — One year ago today, Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN), under pressure from network television and major brands who were increasingly unhappy about inaccurate ratings for their programs, changed its method of estimating audience viewership by making deals with streaming channels Amazon Prime, Hulu, and YouTube TV.

Netflix doesn’t share its viewing data, so Nielsen began estimating viewership using a “listening” technology similar to Spotify. Netflix has denied that the measurements are accurate, according to New York Times journalist John Koblin.

“What Reel Cash brings to the table is data gold,” says J. Allen Dove, the CTO of SpotX and a Reel Cash advisor. “We’ve never had a fully transparent ratings platform across all streaming services globally with independently verifiable live logline data provided by the viewers themselves. This could be a game-changer for the industry.”

“We’ve seen the disruptive impact that a globally connected world has had on national security,” said Carr. “Now we’re seeing it in entertainment as the traditional ways of funding, creating and distributing content are starting to fail. The solution for defending against hacking attempts and obtaining objective and accurate viewing data is, remarkably, the same. It all starts with an educated and motivated user.”

Reel Cash’s first product called Reel Pass™ is a free browser extension that the user activates with one click when watching Netflix, YouTube TV, or other supported channels. “Inaccuracy and non-transparency have led brands to scramble and become unsure where to spend their money,” remarks Nicholas Levis, co-founder of BrandCinema. “The opportunity that Reel Cash offers is spreading the money to global content creators, while simultaneously paying global viewers for watching the shows they love.”

Reel Pass™ is available now at the Chrome Web Store.

Reel Cash (Reel Holdings, LLC) is a cryptocurrency company founded by Carr and a small group of entertainment and technology veterans including entertainment attorney Bianca Goodloe, movie producer John Baldecchi, actor Joel Lambert, stunt coordinator Mike Smith as well as technologists J. Allen Dove, and Rez Khan, PhD, the company’s lead developer.