Sinclair launches data driven OTT ad platform

Tuesday, August 7th, 2018
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Sinclair Announces the Launch of New Data Driven OTT Ad Platform

BALTIMORE — Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: SBGI) announced today that it is launching a new over-the-top advertising platform exclusively focused on OTT advertising. CompulseOTT, a division of Sinclair, will offer advertisers commercials in :15 and :30 second lengths on leading OTT distribution platforms such as Roku, AppleTV, gaming consoles, SmartTV’s and streaming sticks. The ads will be seen on over 100 of the top television networks and brands. CompulseOTT makes the buying process seamless by offering one or many DMA’s in one simple transaction.

CompluseOTT also provides granular targeting from over 100 leading third party data providers. With CompulseOTT, advertisers can now target beyond basic demographics such as age, gender and household income, but also behavioral characteristics such as “intent to purchase a mid-sized sedan” or “travel enthusiast.” CompulseOTT has over 2,000 individual segments for targeting the right viewer. CompulseOTT uses validated daily reporting on over 20 different key OTT metrics.

Available in all 210 Nielsen DMA’s, CompulseOTT offers great flexibility and can even execute campaigns with different impression counts and targets in different DMA’s all for the same ad campaign. CompulseOTT is offered by over 1,000 Sinclair CompulseOTT certified local sales representatives.

“The OTT ecosystem is complex and CompulseOTT makes the local buying process simple and seamless whether buying just one or multiple DMA’s. Then we report daily on the campaigns with industry leading third party validated dashboards. It is the best local ad product on the market,” said Brian Hunt, Head of OTT/CTV Advertising Sales for Sinclair. “CompulseOTT already has over 500 OTT advertisers and is expanding rapidly into targeting with larger multi-DMA ad campaigns,” said, Ryan Moore, VP of Digital Sales.